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Reactions to the Secret Lair x Stranger Things for Magic the Gathering Commander (EDH)

Secret Lair x Stranger Things offers Magic the Gathering Commander players with some enticing new options to both lead EDH decks and upgrade their existing decks. While I will never again have anything to do with subscription service Netflix, for a wide variety of reasons that I will not expound upon here, it is true […]

Herald of the Host – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Herald of the Host is essentially an upgraded version of the classic Serra Angel. The upgrade here is the Myriad mechanic. When a creature with Myriad attacks, for each other opponent, you create a copy of that creature attacking that opponent or a planeswalker that opponent controls. While Herald of the Host isn’t incredibly exciting […]

How Does Astral Cornucopia Work – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Astral Cornucopia is a fascinating little mana ramp card from Magic: the Gathering’s Born of the Gods expansion set. It has a triple X cost, which already seems a bit janky. So how does this card work? It enters the battlefield with X charge counters on it. This means that if you want one counter, […]

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