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Bloodforged Battle-Axe – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

The Commander 2017 pre-constructed decks for Magic the Gathering introduced a number of strong cards for the Commander format. One of these is a one-mana Equipment called Bloodforged Battle-Axe, released in the Feline Ferocity deck with Arahbo, Roar of the World on the cover. It’s more than an improved version of Bonesplitter, because this Axe […]

Bitter Feud – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Magic: the Gathering has many cards which do similar things. Bitter Feud is one such card that acts as a sort of redundancy for existing cards. To be fair, Bitter Feud is one exclusive card from the Commander 2014: Built from Scratch deck that took time to find some love. Its effect is essentially the […]

Dismiss into Dream – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Dismiss into Dream is an Enchantment card from Magic the Gathering’s 2014 Core Set, which introduced a great many new Enchantments into the game. While its seven mana casting cost made it extremely clunky for competitive play, it has a powerful effect that Commander players can easily take advantage of, especially now in 2022. What […]

Lathril, Blade of the Elves – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Magic the Gathering players gained plenty of new Elves cards to play with in the Kaldheim set. But, none may be as truly impactful as Lathril, Blade of the Elves, at least in EDH. As the lead card in one of the two Commander decks released with Kaldheim, the four mana Legendary creature instantly appeared […]

Reactions to the Secret Lair x Stranger Things and Friends Forever Commanders

Secret Lair x Stranger Things offers Magic the Gathering Commander players with some enticing new “Friends Forever” options to both lead EDH decks and upgrade their existing decks. While I have my reasons for boycotting subscription service Netflix, which I will not expound upon here, it’s true that the original series Stranger Things appears to […]

Araumi of the Dead Tide – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

With the release of Commander Legends, Magic the Gathering has entered a brave new world where Legendary Creatures printed at uncommon can make a dramatic impact on the competitive game. Sure, we’ve had legendary creatures printed at the uncommon rarity before, starting in Champions of Kamigawa and later in Dominaria. Commander Legends put the uncommon […]

Herald of the Host – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Herald of the Host is essentially an upgraded version of the classic Serra Angel. The upgrade here is the Myriad mechanic. When a creature with Myriad attacks, for each other opponent, you create a copy of that creature attacking that opponent or a planeswalker that opponent controls. While Herald of the Host isn’t incredibly exciting […]

Baleful Strix as a Pauper EDH Commander – A Magic the Gathering Deck Review

Pauper Commander, also known as PDH, is a variant of the extremely popular Commander (EDH) format. Like Commander, you choose a creature to be your Commander, then play 99 cards that share a color with that creature (including the colors of casting costs required to use its abilities.) Except instead of using a Legendary Creature, […]

Filigree Angel – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Originally from the days of Alara Reborn, Filigree Angel has found herself useful enough in Commander that she’s been reprinted in Magic the Gathering Commander decks on two separate occasions. When Filigree Angel enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life for each artifact you control, including itself. A 4/4 flyer that gains you at the […]

Path of Bravery – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Magic the Gathering’s 2014 Core Set is definitely an enchantment-happy set. Of the many interesting Enchantments, Path of Bravery is definitely a good card. It would later be reprinted in Iconic Masters. As long as you have more life than you started with (or even the same number you started with, in fact), all of […]

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