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Liliana, Death Wielder and Friends – A Magic the Gathering Planeswalker Deck Review

It’s no secret that Wizards of the Coast’s decision to replace the often-maligned Intro Packs with Planeswalker Decks was a success, even if it was short-lived. Sure, the exclusive planeswalkers featured with the decks are vastly under-powered compared to their expansion set counterparts. But, they are certainly interesting and still sought after by many players […]

Bogbrew Witch – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Bogbrew Witch is part of a very interesting three card combo built into Magic the Gathering’s 2014 Core Set. Later, they would reprint all three cards in the Iconic Masters set, as well. Known as the Festering Newt combo, it has to do with a common creature card, Festering Newt (a functional reprint of the […]

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