Tag: MLB 2022 Offseason

Red Sox Sign Pitcher Joely Rodriguez

The Boston Red Sox definitely need a major free agent signing or two in order to compete in what looks to be an extremely competitive American League East Division in Major League Baseball next year. While Joely Rodriguez is certainly not going to be an exciting signing, it is a good signing nonetheless. The left-handed […]

What Would I Do With the Boston Red Sox in the 2022 MLB Offseason?

Based on the absurdly preliminary 2023 ZiPS projected standings released by Dan Szymborski, the Boston Red Sox appear to be a mediocre, but still somewhat winning team going into the 2023 season. This is without Xander Bogaerts, mind you, but is based on strong projections for pitcher Brayan Bello, infielder Enmanuel Valdez, and outfielder Cedanne […]

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