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Phylactery Lich – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

First printed in Magic the Gathering’s 2011 Core Set, Phylactery Lich is an interesting mono-black zombie. The Lich was later reprinted in the Magic 2013 and Magic 2019 Core Sets. It’s a 5/5 Zombie for only three Black mana and it’s indestructible. Of course, with that power and toughness for a low cost, there’s a […]

Can an Enigma Drake Deck Still Be Competitive in Magic the Gathering?

If you’ve been playing Magic: the Gathering since around the Theros set, you may remember a card called Spellheart Chimera. So, Enigma Drake from Amonkhet (and Magic 2019) may look very familiar. Both creatures fly and their power is equal to the number of instant and sorcery cards in your graveyard. Whereas the Chimera has […]

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