Tag: Generation 6 Pokemon

Is Hisuian Avalugg a Good Pokemon?

When it came to a Pokemon game based on the ancient Sinnoh region – then called Hisui – you wouldn’t expect Avalugg to be a key part of the game. Not only did the Generation 6 (X & Y) Avalugg appear in what is technically a Generation 4 (Diamond and Pearl) game, but it became […]

Is Hisuian Goodra a Good Pokemon?

With Pokemon Legends Arceus, we get an alternate Hisui form in Hisuian Goodra, in which our gooey Dragon friend gains the Steel typing. Goodra has always been a favorite of many Pokemon trainers and for good reason. Its gooey exterior only adds to the charm of this Dragon-type mon. While its competitive usage has fallen […]

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