Tag: Fire Type Pokemon

Is Skeledirge a Good Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

Skeledirge is the final stage evolution of Fuecoco, with Crocalor in between. It is a Fire/Ghost type in the vein of Hisuian Typhlosion. Known as the Singer Pokemon, Skeledirge has an interesting base stat distribution that may take good advantage of its typing. With Hisuian Typhlosion not entering Generation 9 competitive play until HOME connectivity […]

Is Charizard Good in Competitive Pokemon?

It seems like an absurd question to ask if the fan-favorite Charizard is a good Pokemon, as there is plenty of history to back up Charizard’s viability as a competitive Pokemon. Also, as one of Ash Ketchum’s ace monsters, there’s a lot of fans out there who probably don’t realize that Charizard isn’t quite as […]

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