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Reactions to the Secret Lair x Stranger Things for Magic the Gathering Commander (EDH)

Secret Lair x Stranger Things offers Magic the Gathering Commander players with some enticing new options to both lead EDH decks and upgrade their existing decks. While I will never again have anything to do with subscription service Netflix, for a wide variety of reasons that I will not expound upon here, it is true […]

Araumi of the Dead Tide – A Magic the Gathering Commander Review

With the release of Commander Legends, Magic the Gathering has entered a brave new world where Legendary Creatures printed at uncommon can make a dramatic impact on the competitive game. Sure, we’ve had legendary creatures printed at the uncommon rarity before, starting in Champions of Kamigawa and later in Dominaria. Commander Legends put the uncommon […]

How Does Astral Cornucopia Work – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Astral Cornucopia is a fascinating little mana ramp card from Magic: the Gathering’s Born of the Gods expansion set. It has a triple X cost, which already seems a bit janky. So how does this card work? It enters the battlefield with X charge counters on it. This means that if you want one counter, […]

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