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Brief Baseball Bios – Earl Wilson

While the 1960 Topps baseball set is rightly better known for a much more valuable Red Sox rookie card in Carl Yastrzemski, another Boston rookie card also deserves attention: that of starting pitcher Earl Wilson. The right-handed Wilson actually didn’t start off that well in his two first two Major League Baseball stints in 1959 […]

Does Lou Whitaker Belong in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Tigers great Alan Trammell was a great shortstop. Yet, the Tigers great was still in the conversation for the Hall-of-Fame until 2018 when he was finally inducted by the Hall of Fame Veterans Committee.  Meanwhile, his double-play partner, second baseman Lou Whitaker, was no longer eligible to be voted in traditionally due to a lack […]

Brief Baseball Bios – Alan Trammell

Alan Trammell was quite a ballplayer. Like his double play mate, Lou Whitaker, though, for whatever reason, the baseball writer voters never gave Trammell the Hall-of-Fame treatment he deserves. But, in 2018, the Veterans Committee finally voted Alan Trammell into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s a nice consolation prize, as their vote ultimately means […]

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