Tag: Bug Type Pokemon

Is Butterfree a Good Pokemon?

Being one of the first Pokemon Ash Ketchum ever had in the anime, Butterfree is a fan favorite who also was a fairly good Pokemon in Red, Blue, and Yellow, as well as Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Over the years, Butterfree has gained two fantastic abilities in Compound Eyes and Tinted Lens, plus huge buffs […]

Is Kleavor a Good Pokemon?

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Kleavor is the new regional Hisuian evolution for Scyther. It’s a Bug/Rock type Pokemon, in a similar vein to Dwebble and Crustle. As it stands, Crustle has been a good Shell Smash-powered Pokemon in playthroughs and is passable in the lowest tiers of competitive play. Sure, Bug/Rock isn’t a great defensive […]

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