Summer Writing Prompts for July 2023

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Fellow creatives and sun-lovers, summer is officially here! And with it comes not just the sunny skies, vibrant festivals, and much-awaited beach trips, but also the rich tapestry of narratives waiting to be woven into unforgettable stories. It’s the perfect season to spark your imagination and let your creativity bloom.

For July 2023, we’ve put together a special collection of summer writing prompts just for you. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, basking in the cool shade of a tree, or enjoying a quiet moment during a late-night barbecue, these prompts are here to inspire new adventures and characters on your literary canvas.

As always, there are no rules, except to let your thoughts flow freely. Use these prompts as they are, or twist them to fit your unique style. Write a paragraph, a page, or an entire novel. The sky’s the limit, and in this case, it’s as blue and infinite as those glorious July days ahead.

Ready to dive in? Let’s make this a summer of storytelling to remember!

Here are 31 unique summer writing prompts for creative writers, so you can mix and match them for each day of July.

Creative Summer Writing Prompts for July

  1. A summer lightning storm reveals a portal to another world in your backyard. Write about your journey through the portal.
  2. Write a story that starts and ends with a summer festival in a small coastal town.
  3. Write a horror story set in a deserted summer camp.
  4. You find a message in a bottle on a beach trip on the 4th of July. Write the story that unfolds after you decide to answer the message.
  5. In a world where people can take summer vacations to other planets, write about a family’s interstellar trip.
  6. A meteorite crash lands in a small town’s 4th of July parade. What happens next?
  7. Every July, the world’s most famous ice cream shop introduces a new flavor that captures the spirit of the month. Describe this year’s flavor and the inspiration behind it.
  8. A character finds a map that leads to a hidden summer paradise. What do they find there?
  9. Create a dialogue between two very different characters stuck in a long, hot traffic jam in July.
  10. Write a mystery short story set in a luxury summer resort.
  11. Write a story in which a simple July picnic in the park changes someone’s life forever.
  12. A character wakes up to find that the season has suddenly changed from winter to summer overnight. How do they react?
  13. Write a story from the perspective of a firefly observing humans during a warm summer night.
  14. Write a tale that centers around an ancient, sunken city now revealed due to a summer drought.
  15. In a world where each summer season ushers in a distinct magic, write about the special magic that is unique to this July.
  16. Write a diary entry from the perspective of a child at summer camp who discovers a hidden talent on July 15th.
  17. On a stifling July afternoon, a sudden, unseasonable snowfall hits your town. How does everyone react, and how does this impact their summer plans?
  18. Imagine a summer festival that only happens once every decade, and this July it’s time for the festival again. Describe the festival and the townspeople’s preparation for this event.
  19. As a new lifeguard on duty, you witness a strange phenomenon at your pool every afternoon in July. What is it, and how do you deal with it?
  20. During a July heatwave, all technology in your city stops working. Write about how people adapt to this sudden shift.
  21. You find a lost puppy on a July picnic. There’s a tag on the collar that says ‘Return to Saturn.’ What happens next?
  22. Write a story centered around a group of kids who set up a wildly successful lemonade stand in their neighborhood one July. Show how it turns into a major Fortune 500 company.
  23. A comet that passes Earth only once every hundred years is due this July. As an amateur astronomer, you’re planning a viewing party. Describe the event.
  24. In your town, there’s a tradition that everyone becomes completely honest for the entire month of July. Write about the consequences and benefits of this annual ritual.
  25. You discover that your beach house, which you visit every July, is actually a centuries-old pirate’s hideout. What treasures and secrets do you uncover?
  26. Write a story from the perspective of a sunflower in a field that experiences the wonders of July.
  27. You’re spending the month of July at your grandparent’s farm, and you learn that the scarecrow comes to life at sunset. How does this revelation change your summer?
  28. One morning in July, you and your friends wake up to discover that everyone else in your town has disappeared. Write about your investigation into what has happened and how you cope with this situation.
  29. This July, a rare breed of bioluminescent butterflies is expected to migrate through your town, lighting up the night sky. Write about the local festivities and personal experiences surrounding this enchanting event.
  30. The ocean turns a vivid shade of pink every July for a mysterious reason. As an inquisitive young scientist spending summer vacation on the coast, you decide to uncover the truth. Write about your discoveries and adventures.
  31. Write a story that unfolds during the final hours of July, tying together all the significant events of the month.

Nonfiction and Lifestyle Blogging Ideas For July

For all you non-fiction enthusiasts and lifestyle bloggers out there, if you came here scouting for fresh ideas, you’re in the right place! We’ve curated a cool selection of non-fiction summer writing prompts especially for you. Whether you’re a seasoned lifestyle blogger or just starting your writing journey, these prompts are designed to kickstart your creativity and help you to connect with your audience in a meaningful, authentic way.

Also, we understand that variety is the spice of life. That’s why, for each broad topic we propose, we’re also throwing in a few lifestyle blogging ideas. These extra prompts might just lead you to that perfect, juicy idea that gets your creative juices flowing.

Summer Travel

  • Share your top 10 summer travel destinations and why each one is special.
  • Write about a memorable summer road trip and share some advice for those planning one.
  • Discuss how to pack efficiently for a beach vacation.

Summer Food and Drinks

  • Write a blog post on the best refreshing summer cocktails and mocktails.
  • Share your favorite summer recipes featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Write about the best food festivals or events happening in July and what makes them worth attending.

Fitness and Outdoor Activities

  • Discuss the best summer outdoor activities to stay fit and healthy.
  • Write about the benefits of swimming in summer and share some swimming workouts.
  • Share your favorite hiking trails ideal for July weather, along with what to pack and expect.

Summer Gardening

  • Talk about the best plants to start growing in July.
  • Write a guide on maintaining a garden during the summer heat.
  • Share your experiences with a unique summer gardening project.

Summer Reading

  • Compile a list of beach reads for July and why each book made your list.
  • Write a post about the benefits of joining a summer book club.
  • Review a book you’ve read that’s perfect for a summer afternoon.

Movies and Music

  • Write a review of a blockbuster summer film.
  • Share your ultimate summer playlist and why each song is on it.
  • Discuss the upcoming music festivals or concerts in July and the artists you’re excited to see.

Environment and Sustainability

  • Discuss the impact of summer heat on global warming and what can be done to mitigate it.
  • Write about how to have an eco-friendly summer.
  • Share tips for conserving water during the hot summer months.

Summer Fashion and Beauty

  • Talk about the latest summer fashion trends and how to incorporate them into everyday wear.
  • Write about the best skincare routine to protect against the summer sun.
  • Share your favorite summer makeup looks.

Family and Kids Activities

  • Suggest some creative and educational summer activities for kids.
  • Write about planning the perfect family picnic or camping trip.
  • Discuss how to balance work and family life during kids’ summer holidays.

Fourth of July Celebrations

  • Share unique ideas for a Fourth of July party or picnic.
  • Write a piece reflecting on what Independence Day means to you.
  • Discuss the history and traditions of Fourth of July celebrations.

Whether you prefer to write fiction, nonfiction, or a little of both, the vibrant month of July is a perfect muse to fuel your inspiration! While the world is basking in sunshine and good vibes, it’s the perfect opportunity to share your unique perspective, engaging ideas, and exciting experiences.

So, grab your iced tea, find a cozy spot under the shade, and let’s delve into these fantastic writing prompts. Remember, your voice is unique, your stories are worth sharing, and this wonderful world of lifestyle blogging is all the richer for having you in it. Let’s make this July a month of inspired storytelling and meaningful connections!

Let us know which of these prompts helped you the most. Also, if you have any good prompts to suggest, feel free to leave them in the comments to help your fellow inspiration seekers!

Amelia Desertsong is a former content marketing specialist turned essayist and creative nonfiction author. She writes articles on many niche hobbies and obscure curiosities, pretty much whatever tickles her fancy.
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