Start / Finish – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Start // Finish is an uncommon card from Magic: the Gathering’s Amonkhet set. It features the Aftermath mechanic, meaning that it has one half that you can cast from your hand, and another half that can only be cast from your graveyard. While it hasn’t been much Standard play, Start // Finish does have some decent effects. As it turns out, one Dredge deck in Modern played a single copy in the main deck. Would this Aftermath card become a fixture in Modern Dredge decks? It wouldn’t, but this is a good card, nonetheless.

Paying three mana (2 generic, 1 White) to get two 1/1 tokens with vigilance at instant speed is a decent effect. But, the best part about this card is Finish. Paying 3 mana (2 generic, 1 Black) and the sacrifice of one of your own creatures allows you to destroy a target creature. Dredge decks have plenty of expendable creatures, so having this card end up in the graveyard is actually a sneaky way to kill a problem creature should the need arise. Yet, this wasn’t tech that many Dredge deck builders have used.

Start // Finish is a solid card, though. It has found homes in many Thalisse, Reverent Medium Commander decks. However, it’s really played more for the token generation with the Aftermath side being just additional value tacked onto it. Really, any deck that plays off of the graveyard could find a way to use this card, so it’s surprising we haven’t seen it used more.

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