Sky Scourge Invicil – A YuGiOh Card Review

Sky Scourge Invicil is a neat super rare YuGiOh card from the Trading Card Game’s wildly popular Force of the Breaker set. It was never worth a ton of money, but it was included in some Counter Fairy sideboards (back in the day). Invicil is a bit of a niche card, but when the right monster is tributed for it, the effects it offers are pretty neat.

Invicil can’t be Special Summoned, but that’s OK. If you tribute a Light Fairy-type monster to summon it, you negate the effects of all Spell cards. Basically, Invicil becomes Imperial Order on a stick. While you could just play Spell Canceller instead, which can be Tributed with anything to negate all spells, in a Fairy deck, it’s good enough. It’s also a lot cheaper price-wise.

But that’s not all. If you tribute a Dark Fiend-type monster instead, you get to negate all Trap Cards instead. Basically, you get a poor man’s Jinzo, not that Jinzo is even expensive. He used to be, though. There have been decks that play both Fairies and Fiends to good effect, but this is the less used option since you can just run Jinzo (and his 2400 ATK) instead.

Back in the day, I think what hurt Sky Scourge Invicil from seeing much play was that he had only 2200 ATK. There were plenty of 2400 ATK tribute monsters by that point, so this poor fellow would just get run over. Also, Spell Canceller was more versatile than Invicil for the Spell-canceling ability. And Fiend decks weren’t falling over themselves to get a worse Jinzo.

Still, Invicil was easy to get as Force of the Breaker was a very popular set and people would groan seeing Invicil instead of Raiza the Storm Monarch as a super rare in the pack. So, if you played Fairies or Fiends (or both) this was a nice card to throw into your sideboard.

Sky Scourge Invicil and the Sky High Price Spike

In June 2018, the formerly $1 Sky Scourge Invicil shot through the roof in price. It hit $30 at one point! Ultimate rare versions, formerly $3, shot up to over $75, some copies even breaching $100 on eBay! Who the heck bought all these guys out? Dunno.

Some players apparently got wise to the fact that there just weren’t a ton of Invicils out there. After all, Fairies are still very popular among the casual Yu-Gi-Oh crowd and a lot of Fairy players have held onto their playset of three copies over the years.

Also, did anyone actually buy Invicil at the sudden price spike? It doesn’t appear that way. Invicil came back to earth pretty quickly, but at a higher price than before. Seems this monster needed a price correction for years. With how old Force of the Breaker is at this point, it’s not crazy that Invicil is a $5 card.

Sure, Invicil is a niche monster. Being Earth-type isn’t very synergistic with Fairies, either. But being Earth-type has other advantages. The game of Yu-Gi-Oh is so different today and when a card like Invicil outlives its usefulness, it’s easy to use it as material for something else.

Sky Scourge Invicil is no Spell Canceller or Jinzo. It’s in a weird space in between the two and only useful in very particular decks. But Yu-Gi-Oh is a game of archetypes and synergies, and Invicil in the right deck is definitely effective. This is also the kind of monster that doesn’t seem all that worthy of a reprint, so it’s a nice collectible card, too.

What do you think of Sky Scourge Invicil?

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