Singing Tree – Magic the Gathering Card Review

Singing Tree from Magic the Gathering’s Arabian Night set may not be the most powerful card in the world. While a 0/3 Plant creature for 4 mana (three generic & one Green) seems underpowered, being able to reduce an attacking creature’s power to zero just by tapping certainly isn’t bad.  

While it’s hardly as good as many of its Reserve List counterparts, it was a card chosen by Wizards of the Coast to protect for collectors’ value purposes. After all, that’s why the Reserve List exists, after the backlash received after the massive reprint set of Chronicles. Otherwise, this would’ve been a candidate to reprint in a Core Set.

In Old School Magic, this card is certainly a lot better than it is in modern Magic. Honestly, Singing Tree is an interesting stall card. Even then, it’s fairly under-powered for competitive play. It’s also never seen at all in Commander, thanks to its underwhelming toughness. If it had an additional point or two of toughness, it would see some play in some sort of deck simply because its ability is fairly decent.

Though it is only uncommon, thanks to being a Reserve List card, copies of this card can still sell for over $300 on the open market. It’s a fun little card, though, and the artwork by Rob Alexander is beautiful! While it’s certainly not playable by today’s Magic standards, Singing Tree is definitely a beautiful Old School Magic card!

Have you ever played Singing Tree?

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