Sigrid, God-Favored – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Sigrid, God-Favored is a flavorful Legendary Creature from Magic the Gathering’s Kaldheim set. Not only does she have protection from God creatures, but also first strike, and flash, meaning she can come into play at instant speed. The truly powerful ability of this three-mana Human Warrior is that when she comes into play, you exile a target attacking or blocking creature until Sigrid leaves the battlefield.

The flavor of Sigrid is that Gods won’t harm her. Indeed, she can block any God creature at instant speed without fear of being killed. Even more amazing is that she can remove an attacking or blocking God from play until she leaves the battlefield. This includes the Theros Gods, who are otherwise indestructible.

Of course, you don’t need to be up against God creatures for Sigrid, God-Favored to be worth playing. It helps that she’s a Warrior, which plays into many of the tribal synergies in Kaldheim. Also, having first strike means that she can eliminate any creature with 2 or less toughness before that creature deals damage to her. As a pure combat trick that could also exile another creature in addition, Sigrid, God-Favored seems extremely powerful.

With both Angels and Dwarf Tribal decks appearing to favor Warriors, this particular Warrior may see a lot of play. Unlike some other spicy tribal-specific creatures in Kaldheim such as Resplendent Marshal, Sigrid, God-Favored is good on her own regardless of the supporting tribes. It’s notable that she’s legendary, meaning you can only control one copy of her at a time. But, her effect is powerful enough that you may find decks playing as many as three copies.

As a Legendary Creature, she’s in the running to be a powerful Mono-White Commander. It seems that she lends herself to a Voltron type strategy, where the deck is focused on getting Sigrid to deal as much combat damage as possible to opposing players. Sure, Warrior Tribal seems like a nice way to build around her, as well, but there are many strategies that could work with her at the helm. Also, having a Commander with Flash is pretty terrifying.

In any case, Sigrid is good in all phases of the game. She can absolutely hose an aggro deck in the early game, potentially removing two creatures at once. In the mid-game, she can exile an attacking big creature that you may not otherwise have an answer for. In the late game, she can exile a problem blocker to help you push a final attack through.

Unfortunately, Sigrid, God-Favored hasn’t seen a ton of competitive play. She has worked her way into the occasional White Weenie deck in Standard, as well as even Legacy Death and Taxes! It’s likely that her long-term home will be in EDH, and as Mono-White continues to get better cards printed, she may end up becoming a sweet sleeper Commander, too.

How would you play Sigrid, God-Favored?

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