Should New Moms Cut Their Hair?

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Should a new mom cut her hair? I found myself asking this question last night, sort of out of the blue. (Don’t you hate writer’s brain?) After watching so many mothers with gorgeous long hair take the pixie plunge, I got to wondering: what makes some women change their hair after giving birth?

I think Cosmo did a good job of covering this phenomenon with this article: Why do postpartum women get such drastic new hairstyles?

As someone who will never be able to give birth herself due to health reasons, I will never get to experience this particular hair moment. But, actually, as I suspected, these often drastic hairstyle changes can happen for a deeper reason than what’s on the surface. It’s all about transitioning into a new phase in life.

Yeah, there are practical reasons for shorter hair. Babies love to grab and tug at whatever can be reached. That’s part of how they learn. Then, there’s the shortening of the morning routine. As someone who has a wash and wear sort of hairstyle myself, I can get why a new mom would want to transition to something easier.

But, wait! This post-partum hair obsession goes the other way, too. As Ms. Breslaw said in her Cosmo article, color changes and even more elaborate hairstyling can come out of this new phase in life. It’s about a woman taking control of her body again, it’s said.

Psychologically, I get that. You’re free to be one person again. Well, at least physically, that is. You’re sharing your life now with a new little person who shares exactly half of your genetic material.

(I don’t even want to get into moms’ obsessions with their kids’ hair. That’s a whole rant right there.)

But, there’s also the hormone thing. Hair does crazy cool things when a woman’s pregnant. Then, when the baby’s out, there can be crazy hair loss due to hormones rebalancing and stuff. So, a trip to the salon makes sense, and overboard she goes.

So, the question still begs to be answered. Should a new mom cut her hair? Why not!? It’s her hair. But, if you’re looking for advice on if you should go the mom hair way, I’d say don’t do it just because you can. I mean, it’s only hair, right? But, I should know how much a girl’s hair means to her. Don’t feel pressured to give into the temptation. That’s the only real advice I can offer, about any major life decision, really.

Would I if I had the chance?  Hell no! I’d grow it out and go be a rockstar!

Really, read that Cosmo article. It should help you make your decision, perhaps better than the twenty bazillion other articles about the same topic out there.

~ Amelia <3

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