Shield of Sekhmet Tarot Card Spread – July 26th, 2020


Mystical Cats Tarot is my life! While I am a Christian now, tarot readings were my daily centering ritual. So, I now pray to God to guide me through my daily one-card reading. But, on Sunday, I do a three-card reading. This was a particularly insightful 3 card spread today.

The Shield of Sekhmet involves laying out 3 cards, each of which answers a specific question to ponder. As usual, the kitty tarot was super dead on.

What weakens you?

Two of Sea (2 of Cups)

The position of this card suggests a new romance is blooming. In fact, a whirlwind romance did just occur in my life. I was left heartbroken in its wake but gained a valuable dear friend all the same.

But, in that moment of great grief and despair, I truly realized who I was and that I was destined to be the true Phoenix Desertsong. So, as I’ve already figured, romance is my mortal enemy and I must avoid it at all costs.

What strengthens you?

Eight of Earth (8 of Pentacles)

Building skills is my strength, as the position of this card suggests. Practice does indeed make something more perfect. But, too often I’ve made some huge screw-ups and been too discouraged.

The good news here is that I have built some extremely valuable skills. It’s now time to put them to their best use fulfilling my life’s purpose, coaching others to realize their most passionate life goals!

How can you best use your power?

Ten of Sky (10 of Swords) Reversed 

With the card reversed in this final position, it means exactly why I’m moving forward with a new lease on life. The defeats and weaknesses that I feel have been holding me back have been greatly exaggerated.  I let others judgments and opinions hold me back and negatively impacted my life vision. 

It’s past time to rebel and face the oppression for what it is, a paper tiger. This is how you find a new sense of self-worth, the same thing I’m looking to do for others.

If you’re interested in getting a reading with this deck, let me know 🙂

~ Phoenix Desertsong <3

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