Shamanic Revelation – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Card draw is good no matter how you get it in Magic the Gathering. Especially in Green, you often will need a way to refresh your hand. Over the years, Green has had some cool ways to draw cards, including cards such as Harmonize, a sorcery with a casting cost of 2GG (2 colorless, 2 Green) that draws you three cards. 

In the Fate Reforged set, there’s a card called Shamanic Revelation which costs only one more colorless mana to cast than Harmonize did. But, this spell has far more potential for some serious card draw. Plus, it even has the potential to offer life gain.

Shamanic Revelation considers how many creatures you control, including token creatures. Green based decks tend to field a great many creatures, so it’s most often going to be the case that you will be drawing at least 3 or 4 cards whenever you play this card. Plus, this card also features the Ferocious mechanic, an extra effect that activates whenever you control a creature with power 4 or greater. For each creature you control with more than 4 power, you gain 4 life.

Life gain may not be considered one of the most consistent mechanics out there. Still, cards with built-in life gain can greatly affect a competitive format. Gaining 4 life here or there can decide games. So, the second half of this card is very relevant, too.

In any case, Shamanic Revelation is basically a more powerful version of Harmonize. With how quickly Green mana tends to ramp mana, 5 mana isn’t much of an investment for the value of the card draw and potential life gain. This card did see some Standard play as a two-of in some Devotion to Green lists, and a copy showed up in a top-performing Naya Midrange deck, as well. 

Shamanic Revelation is definitely a strong card for Green decks to consider in EDH, too. In particular, Omnath, Locus of Rage Commander decks take full advantage of this card, with all of the 5/5 Elemental tokens that deck creates on a regular basis. Ezuri, Renegade Leader also takes full advantage of this draw spell after pumping his team with his +3/+3 and trample boost ability.

This card is a great draw spell for Green decks everywhere. It’s not the rarest card out there, especially with a promotional foil version and a reprint in one of the Commander 2016 decks. But, it’s a good card for your deck building toolbox, especially considering how much play it sees in EDH.

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