Self-Expression is a Human Duty

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Learning how to express one’s self is a human duty. I’ve long believed that it’s the duty of every human being to express one’s self in some meaningful way. Self-expression can take many forms, including through music, clothing, dance, or some other hobby.

But, Self-Expression doesn’t have to come through writing or traditional art forms. How you self-express comes through what makes you feel alive and gives your life purpose. That could even be your day-to-day job, in fact.

Your personality must be expressed in a unique and positive way. Otherwise, you’ll become “bored” or stagnated by monotonous routines. Outlets for Self-Expression necessarily make life more interesting and opens you up constantly to new ideas and ways of looking things.

We are all born into this fantastic Universe with special talents. For myself, this talent of self-expression comes through written language. Fortunately, I recognized this talent in myself at a young age, and others encouraged me to develop it.

So, I’ve worked diligently to hone my writing talent into useful, applicable life skills. I was not taught how to write the way that I do, although I had coaching and plenty of inspiration. But, I learned all on my own how to write with my own voice through endless hours of scribbling nonsense. Now that I know that I can say what needs to be said, it’s my duty to do so.

Unfortunately, some of us don’t even know what our true talents are. Or, we’re told that our talents are not “applicable” to earning a living. That’s absolute nonsense. Every talent serves a purpose, even if ignorant people don’t realize it.

Self-Expression Takes Practice

Like any other skill involved with self-improvement, Self-Expression takes practice. For all my decades of writing experience, there are still certain ideas on my brain that I can’t properly express. So, I hold them back until I can figure out how to fit the proper words together.

You may often struggle to explain why you like a certain thing or how you feel about a certain concept. It’s a very frustrating feeling, and you are not alone, because I have the same problems. In fact, most people in this world aren’t nearly as well skilled at self-expression as they probably should be.

Perhaps it’s the impreciseness of human language that keeps some people from not being able to communicate clearly. That’s why other art forms have developed as outlets. While some people are able to use multiple art forms as creative outlets, many others decide to focus on just one or two forms to practice self-expression.

Find Your Outlet for Self-Expression

Of course, you don’t have to be a writer to find an outlet. In fact, you don’t have to be any sort of traditional artist at all. Of course, finding an art form that you enjoy can serve as an awesome creative outlet. I’ve always believed we are all “little creators,” each with our own little contributions we have to make to adding to the Universe.

We each have thoughts, ideas, and stories we need to share. By our very nature, humans are highly social beings. We aren’t meant to remain in isolation or feel forced to deny ourselves the proper self-expression.

Sure, there are so many outlets: all kinds of visual art, music, dance, fashion – you name it. Find one – or a few – that allow your emotions and thoughts to flow freely. Even if you can’t use these outlets as the job that pays the bills, it’s important to have them at least as hobbies.

Self-expression is key to fulfilling yourself as a human being.You have something important to say, too. Find your outlet and get it out there!

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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