Sea King (King of Cups) – Mystical Cats Tarot Readings

If you draw the Sea King card in the Mystical Cats Tarot deck, what does it mean? Is this a good card to draw? What lessons can you learn from this tarot card reading?

DECK: Mystical Cats Tarot
CARD: Sea King (King of Cups)

In the Mystical Cats Tarot deck, the Sea Clan cards correspond to those of the Suit of Cups in the  traditional Waite Tarot decks. In some cases, their meanings somewhat altered, as well. In this case, the Sea King card corresponds to the King of Cups card in traditional Waite Tarot decks. It’s definitely a good card to draw.

The Sea King card suggests that you are someone that others look to for calm strength and reassurance. He suggests that you’ve earned respect as a peacemaker, which comes out of an authentic wish to reach out to others with kindness. The Sea King says that everyone within your sphere of influence benefits from your wise compassion, and that you’re able to counsel others without taking on others’ burdens as your own.

The traditional reading for the King of Cups represents emotional balance and control, as well as generosity. So, the Mystical Cats Sea King is very much aligned with that interpretation of his analog in Waite Tarot. In this case, the Sea King suggests that you should be most generous with your kindness.

But, be sure to follow his example and don’t let others burdens become your own burdens. If anything, do what you can to help others get back onto their feet so that they can help themselves. Like the Sea King, working on your emotional intelligence and self-control can go a long way towards knowing when and how to help others to the benefit of everyone involved.

What does the Sea King card mean for you?

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