Scarlet Morning (Poetry)

Woke up in a scarlet morning
Songbirds and the crickets chirping
Blinding sun hits my eyes
I’m wide awake, my muscles cramping
Unprepared for an early surprise
There she was, in a brilliant disguise
Standing there softly humming

Before I could ask her why
She turned her face to me
Lovely and perfect as ever
But her eyes dead as could be
Inside I felt my heart die
In my head burned a hot fever
The beauty before me wasn’t alive

She whispered my name through pursed lips
And said something I couldn’t make out
Her mouth didn’t move but I heard the sounds
I wanted to tell her the honest truth
But somehow she already knew all about
My secret love for her knew no bounds
But now she was gone and then I knew

This was her ghost left to haunt me
And the morning sky turned to grey
As I awoke in a cold sweat around three
I called her up and knew just what to say

On the other end a tired voice mewed
“Go back to bed, I’ll see you today”
Something sounded off in her mood
“I love you, Scarlet,” I had to say

The very next morning she passed away…

September 20, 2013

Writing words, spreading love <3

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