Quakebringer – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Quakebringer is a mythic rare Giant Berserker creature card from Magic the Gathering’s Kaldheim set. In a set full of useful Giant creatures that make Giant Tribal a reasonable and possibly competitive deck in Magic, Quakebringer is one of the best, worthy of its mythic rare status. This five-mana 5/4 doesn’t have haste or trample, but it does something potentially crippling in a couple of ways.

First of all, Quakebringer prevents opponents from gaining life when he’s on the battlefield. This is a big deal against some decks, such as mono-White, that rely on lifegain to stay competitive against aggressive decks. The second ability is the most interesting. Quakebringer deals 2 damage to each opponent at the beginning of your upkeep. The ability only triggers if you control a Giant, but Quakebringer can be on the battlefield OR in your graveyard. He also has Foretell, meaning you can pay two generic mana to put him face-down in exile, and play him on a later turn for four mana (2 generic and 2 Red).

With plenty of playable Giants available, Quakebringer could do a lot of damage. Keep in mind that you can have multiple triggers of Quakebringer triggering every one of your upkeeps. Shutting off lifegain and dealing two damage (or even four, six, or eight) each of your turns is a great competitive advantage for Giant Tribal, a tribe that has already gained plenty of weapons with Kaldheim. Quakebringer is going to do a lot of work, and people will be looking to exile this card from a graveyard as soon as possible.

In Commander, Giants have gained a powerful new Legendary Creature in Aegar, the Freezing Flame. Giant Tribal was never much of a force in the format, but existing commanders like Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas and Brion Stoutarm will be happy to have Quakebringer along for the ride. With so much Giant support in Kaldheim going into Red/Blue and Mono-Blue, though, Aegar is likely to be the deck that Quakebringer will be played in the most.

Even just as a way to stop lifegain against certain decks, Quakebringer will be a very useful creature. He should see play in every competitive Giant Tribal deck. While he lacks trample or haste, he’s definitely good enough as he is.

How would you play Quakebringer?

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