Purity – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

The Lorwyn set in Magic the Gathering had many strange and unusual creatures from both a game-play and flavor aspect. While not one that saw much Constructed play in its day, Purity is quite an interesting card from a gameplay perspective, but my most favorite parts of the card are its artwork and concept. The whole idea of an Elemental Elk Incarnation with wings is something that greatly appeals to me.

Purity Magic the Gathering card

As a card playable within Magic, Purity is okay. Being a 6/6 flyer for 6 mana is fine, but requiring three White mana in its casting cost limits its playability a bit. In Commander, where mana fixing is much less of a problem that in a regular 60-card deck Constructed format, Purity is somewhat more playable.

Purity’s abilities are neat. It’s part of a five-card cycle of Incarnation creatures in Lorwyn, Like its Elemental brethren (Dread, Guile, Hostility, and Vigor), whenever it would be put into a graveyard, it’s instead shuffled back into its owner’s deck. This includes being discarded from the top of the deck, as well, so mill strategies will be unable to finish the job with this card in your deck.

Also, Purity‘s other unique ability prevents you from spells or abilities dealing damage to you, while also allowing you to gain that much life instead. Do keep in mind that damage is not the same as loss of life. Spells and abilities that cause you to lose life but don’t explicitly say damage are not affected by Purity’s ability.

Purity is a bit of a situational card, and it’s not quite as good as Guile or Vigor. Back in its Standard haydey, Purity was at most a sideboard card against Burn style decks. In Commander, this Elemental Incarnation did see significant play in Horde of Notions Elemental Tribal decks. However, as many more powerful Elementals have been printed, Purity has found itself often on the outside of 99-card lists. By 2022, it’s become little more than a flavorful card that is outclassed by many other of its Elemental contemporaries.

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