“Paralyzed” by Rock Kills Kid – An Underrated Rock Song Review

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Have you ever heard of a rock band called Rock Kills Kid? It wouldn’t surprise me if you haven’t. They were a decent alternative rock band, but they never really had any major hits. However, they have one hit in my mind, one that should’ve gotten a lot of radio play, and one that still should: “Paralyzed.” It was the first single off of their “Are You Nervous?” record.

View the music video of “Paralyzed” on YouTube here.

“Paralyzed” is one of those catchy songs that once you hear it, it’s stuck in your head forever. I don’t know if it’s the bass line, the lyrics, or just the overall message of the song. Essentially, “Paralyzed” is about being stuck in your daily routine, feeling trapped in it, and not knowing how to get out of it. That’s a pretty relate-able feeling, and while it’s not the most original topic for a song, it seems “Paralyzed” does it better than most.

The band had some other really good tracks, as well: “Are You Nervous”, “Hideaway” and “Midnight” are ones I definitely recommend. They’re actually probably best known, though, for performing “I Turn My Camera On” from “The OC” soundtrack, which is a decent song. I honestly recommend any tracks by them. Sadly, the band hasn’t been together for years. It’s too bad that we didn’t hear more from them.

Are there bands from your younger years that probably weren’t well known but had an important song for you?

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