Necroskitter – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

With the release of the Amonkhet set, many Magic: the Gathering players were excited about the number of “-1/-1 counters matters” cards in the set. This excitement caused a chain reaction of cards centered around the -1/-1 counter mechanic being bought out all over the internet. Most notably, this includes cards from the Shadowmoor and […]

Sea Gate Wreckage – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Is Sea Gate Wreckage a Currently Undervalued Competitive Staple in Modern and EDH / Commander? Sea Gate Wreckage from Oath of the Gatewatch is a colorless land with an ability that quickly proved itself useful in Standard.   Eldrazi decks in Standard would play a copy (or even two) of Sea Gate Wreckage on occasion. […]

Crown of Flames – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Crown of Flames is an Enchantment originally printed in Tempest, and later reprinted in Invasion. This one-drop Aura has two abilities, each of which costs one Red mana. One gives the Enchanted creature “firebreathing” or +1/+0 until end of turn. You can activate this ability as many times as you have mana to pay for […]

Mindswipe – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Mindswipe is a fascinating permission spell. It costs XUB, where X is the amount of mana your opponent has to pay in order to have the targeted spell not countered. However, Mindswipe also deals X damage to that spell’s controller, whether or not that mana is paid. So not only do you have a permission […]

Spawn of Thraxes – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Spawn of Thraxes is a Dragon creature card in Magic the Gathering that can do a ton of damage in a Mono-Red deck. Of course, for Standard play, a seven mana casting cost was far too much for Red Deck Wins to muster. Still it wasn’t hard to see the Spawn seeing Commander play. Indeed, […]

Thousand Winds – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

When Magic the Gathering’s Speed vs Cunning Duel Decks were first revealed, it included several preview cards from the upcoming set at the time, Khans of Tarkir. Early on, it was known that Morph would be returning as a mechanic in that set. One of the rare preview cards from the deck was Thousand Winds, […]

The Magic the Gathering Elder Dragons from Legends in EDH / Commander

When the Commander format first began in Magic the Gathering, it was known as Elder Dragon Highlander. It was called Highlander since you could only play one of each unique card – outside of basic lands – in your deck. Highlander has been a MTG format for years, with 100 card decks. In Elder Dragon […]

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