On a Bubble (Poetry)

“On a Bubble” is a poem based on material originally written in May 2004 and revised in  January 2018.

“On a Bubble” 

You sit on a bubble
Unsuspecting of trouble 
But, once you stooped so low 
You were covered in rubble

Your foundation collapsed
Built on hidden sands, perhaps 
Life’s full of mishaps 
You’re bound to make a few

But, now you’re floating, 
Infinitely high in the sky
You don’t really care 
If you run out of air and die

You live for the journey
You’re not concerned 
You don’t want a destination
You just wanna let loose and fly!

~ Amelia <3

(Written May 2004 / Revised January 10, 2018)

Writing words, spreading love <3
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