Of Past Lives I Ponder

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I’ve often pondered about past lives and wonder if my more fantastic dream states are based in some distant truth. Are they some sort of flashbacks from a life my soul lived thousands of years ago? We all live many lives through our dreams, whether they are merely constructs which our unconscious creates for dreamers to explore, or distant reflections of actual possibilities. I daresay some are even meant to remind us of past lives. These are echoes of the stardust that makes up each of us, but what it makes up now was a part of another being at one very distant time. 

I believe our worldly spirits to exist simply as vessels for our eternal souls. My own spiritual journeys have proven this to be true, whether our or not our souls truly begin their journey in this world as we know it to be. I feel that many dreams are messages from the collective unconscious of the greater universe attempting to teach us what we need when we one day shed our mortal coil. Of course, the life we know now may be one of many in an endless series of coils which we must gain, toil with, then shed.

Perhaps, this thing we know as humanity is but one link in an infinitely long never-ending progression. At this point, we are so far along that to be able to look back far enough is an impossibility for most of us. This may all sound like utter nonsense to those who are strictly tied to a particular religion or belief system. Still, I believe it’s worth exploring these impressions that I’ve gained over my decades wandering through this often beautiful, yet sometimes terrifying world.

Does a grand plan exist or are we merely slaves to fate? I’ve always believed in the foundation of one’s own choices. We must understand, however, that even the smallest choices can have ripple effects we can’t possibly comprehend, nor predict with utter certainty when we make them. The general advice is to look before you leap. However, I have spent far too much time looking, while concurrently letting potential adventures pass me by, as the hesitation leaves me feeling sad and unfulfilled. Perhaps my very recollection of my more spectacular dream states means I need to do a bit more leaping than mere looking.

At this point in my life, I’m ready to leap forward, especially when it comes to sharing my deepest and innermost desires and reflections. I’ve held back for far too long, partly in fear of the judgment of others or backlash from those who are ignorant or selfish enough to try and tear me down for their own amusement or out of some duty to their deity or system of beliefs. 

Human beings have a tendency to worship something, whether they believe it or not, even if that is their own selves. I’d much rather worship what I believe to be the greater good, the positive forces that may not always be obvious, but are always at work nonetheless. Whether you call that Force God or whatnot, there is something out there greater than ourselves. We must work to aid those who do good works and spread the freedom to express our true selves without fear of judgment or retaliation.

These ideas could be wrong, or worse yet, the insignificant ramblings of a manic lunatic, or just an innocent product of wishful thinking. The words stand as but symbols that best define this observer’s perspective. For all we truly know is what we have before us today, but that doesn’t mean we should discount the possibilities of past lives that informed our very existence today.

Amelia Desertsong is a former content marketing specialist turned essayist and creative nonfiction author. She writes articles on many niche hobbies and obscure curiosities, pretty much whatever tickles her fancy.
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