My Quest to Write About Every Red Sox Player Ever

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In 2021, I gathered up my old baseball articles and posted many of them to The Phoenix Desertsong. I then set a goal for myself to write about every Red Sox player ever. Will my goal of writing about every baseball player to ever don a Red Sox uniform in an official Major League Baseball game ever come to fruition? This is how far along I am as of September 22, 2022.

So, how long would it take me to complete this challenge? Since I have about 25 articles specifically about players who played for the Boston Red Sox, I certainly have a ways to go. My resource for this endeavor is the Boston Red Sox all-time roster on Wikipedia. While I don’t typically cite Wikipedia as a source, you can understand how it’s a useful starting point!

I did plan to go alphabetically, although I will write about players as they come and go. I also have a rule not to write about active players, so that I don’t have to go back and consistently fiddle with old posts; this gets to be old after awhile. However, if some superstar signed with the Red Sox, I’m going to write something anyway… because, well, it’s relevant!

Alas, while I’m certainly not abandoning this project, I’m not getting many hits on any of these articles, except for Rich Garces (El Guapo was extremely popular in his day). Therefore, they’re simply not a priority; although I’m still very much into baseball, current baseball is more of a passing interest for me now, while baseball history is really my main interest here.

There are just a lot of other things that I need to work on first. While I’d love to go in alphabetical order right down the list, I’ll certainly do some keyword research to identify which players are actually worth my time. I may end up lumping a bunch together just so I can get through a bunch of them, identifying which ones deserve greater in-depth dives as I go.

Also, if you want me to write about a specific Boston Red Sox player (they just had to play for the Sox in a single MLB game, mind you), please let me know. I will put requests at the very front of the line to be written.

Until next time, go Sox!

P.S. Sadly the Red Sox are awful in 2022, and I’m not sure 2023 will be much better, but you never know! Aaron Judge signing, anyone?

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