Musings on Aesthetics, Rhythms, Thoughts, and Perceptions

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Life has a particular rhythm. Each heartbeat has its own wavelength, each being its own aesthetic. It is our unique senses of aesthetic and our unique perceptions and interpretations of Life’s rhythms and patterns that make us all individuals.

Some of these interpretations, perceptions, and senses may not make a whole lot of sense to us. But, as we realize how each thought stems from another, we then wonder what questions have not yet been asked. We can then expand on the thoughts that have already been thought.

Many things have been thought, and never spoken, written, or communicated in any form. Oftentimes, that’s because the thinker didn’t know how to express it, or had no desire to share it. There are many thoughts which are expressed and shared, but are filtered out by many minds. They’re thought to be extraneous information with no absolute purpose.

All Aesthetics Are Up to Interpretation

Each mind will interpret different things as having purpose or not. I myself find many things to be without purpose that others find to have a purpose. If they serve some purpose to others, then why do they not register to me?

Some comedy, for example, serves no purpose to me. This is because it does not entertain my mind; the words are simply said to be heard in my perception. Some people will find humor in the same words. There is something in the words which in their minds triggers the part of their mind which is responsible for laughter.

My understanding of the brain is insufficient to presently explain what is necessary for creating laughter within a human being. But, I must also say that humor is not only contained in words. Humor also comes in gestures, expressions, and images, as well. Gestures, expressions, and images are also methods of expressing thought, and sometimes may invoke humor, curiosity, inspiration, or other spiritual gifts.

It Takes Time to Properly Understand Aesthetics

I’ve come to learn through experience that gestures and expressions are a great part of charisma. They express thoughts for which we can’t think of the words or are unable to say. There is such a thing as an empty smile, for example.

Certain expressions and gestures can also invoke thought, as well as expressing them. Communication is such a tremendously broad concept to explain in an organized fashion, taking into account all of its complexities and forms.

I find myself questioning my own sense of aesthetic constantly, comparing mine with others. Is it possible to really compare? The most puzzling thing about learning about your sense of aesthetics is that you learn more about it through other people’s senses of aesthetics. Aesthetics is a very complex topic, and one that I should later return to in depth!

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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