“Moving Van” (Poetry)

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“Moving Van” is a poem about a dear female friend moving away and apparently completely forgetting about a boy who loved her more than anything.

Don’t tell me you’re moving, my friend
Will it be just around the bend?
Will I ever see you again?

You need a better place to spread
Your grand and perfect angel wings?
But, don’t tell me that it’s the end!

It’s all in growing up, you say
Why do you speak such piercing words?
People just pack and move away!

But the look in your soft brown eyes
Tells me that everything is wrong
Your so-called love was only lies

I watch you on that moving van
As you’re tearing apart the bonds
That we once had so long as friends

Stripped away, my now lonely soul
With deep scars that will never mend
Guess you weren’t ever my best friend

Your eyes burn evil in my night
Shining as red giants burn bright
A beautiful, yet horrible sight

Our voices, which once sang aloud
In perfect harmony, bright sound
I would hear angels all around

Now your voice screams out endlessly
Had no choice but to set you free
You were ne’er meant to be my destiny

I said please call me, you didn’t heed
I was the one thing you didn’t need
Left blown in the wind just like a weed

Ran along on your freedom ride
‘Long with your damn, corrupted pride
I can’t take this abandonment in stride

“So long, good riddance, I’m away  
To be the queen of heaven today”
That’s what I’d thought you’d say that day

You took the best of me and ran
When you left coldly on that moving van
Your love lost would make a bitter man

I’d long dream of you miles away 
In your kingdom at work and at play
But those hopeful thoughts wouldn’t stay

All the good times, once sweet mem’ries
Castles in sand, were just temporary
None went with your van, left all with me

Now they’re long since melted away
I moved on too, but still today
I’ll never forget that sad, sad day

~ Amelia <3

7-15-07 / 6-10-18

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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