Mobilized District – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

As Magic the Gathering creature-lands go, Mobilized District from War of the Spark is certainly one of the more versatile. This nonbasic land can become a 3/3 Citizen creature with vigilance until end of turn. That on its own isn’t bad, even if the Citizen is not also a colorless land during that time.

But, that is only half of what Mobilized District can do. That creature activation costs one less for each legendary creature or planeswalker you control. That means this fits best in a dedicated planeswalker control deck or a deck that plays an unusually high number of legendary creatures. Otherwise, you can’t make it reliably cost fewer than three mana to activate.

Still, in practice, this land will be playable in a wide variety of decks. Because the Citizen has vigilance, it can be used on both offense or defense consistently. Not being able to remain a land while it’s a creature isn’t a terrible drawback. It reverts back to a land on the next turn anyway. So, if you need to keep mana open for your opponent’s turn, it’s not a problem. Having vigilance is enough to make up for the drawback.

Mobilized District has certainly been a Standard playable land. In fact, several people in the Magic Finance world were in on it; but, alas, it simply never saw much competitive play.

So, Has Mobilized District Found a Deck?

Where this Citizen land should really shine is in EDH / Commander. There are many Commander decks that reward you for playing a lot of legendary creatures. It’s too bad that Magic players did not have access to Mobilized District during the legendary creature overload of Kamigawa block…

Of course, by design, most Commander decks play enough Legendary Creatures to make Mobilized District playable. It’s at least worthy of considering in “lands matter” decks. If you look at a site like DeckStats, it’s regularly added to EDH lists. For years, EDHREC, considered the top resource for EDH, didn’t crawl this site so the adds went overlooked for some time. That has changed in years since. Today, EDHREC shows Mobilized District show up in a small, but meaningful percentage of decks across the database.

While Mobilized District is no Mutavault, it’s a very playable land, especially in Commander decks that can utilize its abilities as a creature-land. You’d think a few of Standard decks would find a way to play it just for the cheap or even free creature every turn. Alas, that never happened. While it hasn’t become a staple in any Commander decks, it could slot into quite a few.

What do you think of Mobilized District?

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