MahDryBread, the YouTuber Who Made it Big with Pokemon Challenges

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A long time Canadian YouTuber who posted gaming content daily for over a decade, MahDryBread, as he’s come to be called, didn’t reach true YouTube success until he began doing his Pokemon challenge videos. Some of them may seem very similar to that of JRose11, and he has done some similar challenges, except that his videos are done in a very different style. MahDryBread literally writes his video scripts as he goes along, giving his videos a much tighter narrative, peppering dry humor along the way. While he’s basically gotten the videos down to a formula, they are enjoyable to watch when they were being posted every Saturday.

On top of solo runs, MahDryBread has also done team challenges, as well as some other arbitrary types of challenges as they’re suggested by his viewers. He also has created several let’s play video series of other Pokemon games alongside a couple of his streamer buddies, such as Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Pokemon Stadium. But, his channel was never primarily about Pokemon. Yet, it wasn’t until he started doing his Pokemon challenges that his following skyrocketed.

Here’s the playlist of all MahDryBread Pokemon challenge videos:

I also enjoy his Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Skyrim challenges, because it’s absolutely hilarious how often he breaks the game by limiting himself to a very specific range of skills. The glitchy nature of Oblivion is particularly entertaining, as the game never actually crashes; it just does some hilarious nonsense as the game engine and NPC AI simply can’t handle someone playing the game in an arbitrarily unusual way.

Lately, although he has been focusing most of his work on his weekly Pokemon Challenge videos, his health has been declining. He was struggling just to get through the weekly Pokemon challenges, and had to take a week off one time, and did Elder Scrolls runs in between as a break. But, as he finished the voice-over for his Pokemon Gold Corsola challenge, he collapsed and had to go to the hospital. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with his heart or lungs. It took quite a few tests and a couple of weeks to get an answer, which finally came when that Corsola video finally debuted. It turned out to be at least in part trouble with his thyroid, but by the time the doctors figured it out, MahDryBread was forced to take off at least a month for his health.

I left this comment on the last Pokemon challenge he did for a while, the aforementioned video of his challenge of beating Pokemon Gold with one Corsola:

As someone who suffers from multiple chronic health issues, your content has been a huge inspiration to me, part of the reason why I continue to write everyday even though I don’t actually need to. I’ve been in your exact boat before, being the vast majority of my family’s income at one point. That’s not the case anymore and I’m lucky enough to have a far better support system with my now life partner, but like you I’m still a workaholic just because I only have one speed 🙂 blessings and good vibes to you my friend!

MahDryBread’s community has been very supportive and quite generous, raising enough money to cover at least a week’s worth of expenses. As of this writing, September 20, 2022, it’s still up in the air when MahDryBread will return. As his family’s only financial support, he’s worked through health issues time and again, but never have things ended up with him being hospitalized. Here’s to hoping there’s plenty of MahDryBread content, Pokemon and otherwise, for years to come.

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