Lucario EX – A Pokemon TCG Card Review

Lucario EX is one of the best cards from the Pokemon Trading Card Game Expansion Set X&Y Furious Fists. There is a Mega Lucario EX card in this set, as well. In general, Lucario is a very popular Pokemon whose cards tend to be highly sought after by collectors.

While many Pokemon cards are collectible simply for the Pokemon depicted on them, some like this EX card are solid in Trading Card game-play, too. Right away, you can see that this Lucario card has three attacks and 180 HP. Each of Lucario EX‘s attacks requires one more Fighting Energy than the previous attack. This allows for an easy progression through his different attacks, making him quite the formidable force right from Turn One.

Lucario EX’s first attack, Missile Jab deals 30 damage, and ignores Resistance. This is important as there are a good number of Pokemon in the card game that do have Fighting Resistances. The second attack, Corkscrew Smash, not only deals 60 damage, but allows you to refresh your hand until you have 6 cards in hand. This sort of card advantage on such a damaging attack is quite formidable.

His third and final attack is Somersault Kick for 3 Fighting Energy, which deals 100 damage. It’s a fitting final attack to deal a crippling blow to a likely already weakened enemy. While it doesn’t offer anything special beyond that, 100 damage for only 3 energy with no drawback is a fairly strong attack.

While his dedication to Fighting Energy makes him not as “splash-able” in competitive decks as some other EX cards, his pure power level makes him a formidable weapon and a great EX to build a deck around. Lucario EX is both a sought after collectible as well as a powerful card for deck-building. You need a Lucario EX in play in order to evolve him into Mega Lucario EX, after all.

As a collectible, Lucario EX surprisingly doesn’t have that many graded copies out there. Even by January 2022, Lucario EX’s base card, which is #54 in the set, only has 69 graded examples from PSA (only 19 of those being graded Gem Mint 10.) Even the full art secret rare, #107 in the set, has just 124 graded examples, with just 14 of those coming back as a Gem Mint graded. Talk about a tough card to grade!

Despite being such a popular Pokemon, perhaps the difficulty of getting a Gem Mint grade has diminished this particular card’s collectibility in both of its forms. If you look at the Mega Lucario EX from the same set, the story is similar, but that’s for a different article. If you’re a fan of Lucario in general, this is a great card for your Pokemon Trading Card collection and raw copies still hold substantial value.

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