Lost in Love (Poetry)

couple holding hands in sunny field

Keep this with you
Never lose it for me
Can’t lose this love 
Whatever might be

When tragedy strikes
Once and again
This cannot end
My best friend 

Lost in love
Whirled around
Spun down
Round about

Dizzy and disoriented 
Streets that don’t cross 
Yet go on endlessly
A concrete jungle maze

It’s not the last trip 
By a long shot
But we’ve come up
To a dead stop

If romance dies here
What will be left
To relieve the fear
Overcome the depths

Keep it with us
Never lose this love
As if preordained
From up above

Written 6-15-15

Amelia Desertsong is a former content marketing specialist turned essayist and creative nonfiction author. She writes articles on many niche hobbies and obscure curiosities, pretty much whatever tickles her fancy.
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