Kingdra GX from Dragon Majesty – A Pokemon TCG Card Review

Kingdra GX is a powerful ultra rare Pokemon card from the Pokemon TCG set Dragon Majesty. This Pokemon has three attacks, including the GX attack that can only be used once per game. Kingdra has been a popular Pokemon for years and has had many cards that have proven powerful in the competitive Pokemon TCG metagame. This Kingdra card is powerful and has seen some play.

Kingdra GX has some staying power with 230 HP. All three of Kingdra GX’s attacks require only a single Energy to use.  Hydro Pump doesn’t even require a Water Energy, although it does only base 10 damage. However, for each Water Energy attached to Kingdra GX, the attack does 50 more damage. 60 damage for a single Water Energy is pretty good.

Reverse Thrust only deals 30 damage, but it allows you to switch out Kingdra GX. This can be quite useful in a variety of situations. His GX attack, Maelstrom GX, deals 40 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokemon. It’s a pretty brutal attack, but since you can only use one GX attack per game, it is quite situational.

The other downside to Kingdra GX is that he is a Stage 2 Pokemon. You have to spend a bit of time building him up in order to reap the benefits of his suite of attacks. So, while powerful, Kingdra GX is not as deadly as some other Kingdra cards, but still formidable enough to be a heavy hitter in a somewhat competitive deck.

Are the Kingdra GX Full Art Cards Good Investments?

There are also two other versions of this card, the full art secret rare from the same set, and the full art promo version. Interestingly, despite being rarer than the base ultra rare, they tend to sell for about the same price. The Kingdra GX SM155 promo is an attractive “rainbow foil.” If you’re an investment-minded collector, this is probably the version of this card to have the best bet for future return-on-investment. 

Overall, the Kingdra GX from Dragon Majesty is playable and attractive to collectors. But, as this card is rather plentiful and has three different versions to choose from, it may not be the best investment if you’re looking for profit. But, if you just want to collect this card, all three versions are very affordable and even some PSA-graded mint copies can be had for cheap if you watch for them.

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