It’s OK to Take the Weekend Off

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Something I decided to get back to recently was taking the weekend off from work. Obviously, when I worked a “traditional” Monday thru Friday job, I did this all the time. But, since being self-employed, I found myself working full-time on Saturday and Sunday, as well. With my kids getting bigger and me feeling drained most of the time, I resolved to take my weekend back and take it off entirely.

Of course, I still did work anyway on my first attempt. But, not really on Saturday. The most I did was organize some of my old creative writing. I also logged on Facebook, where I”m no longer active, a couple times to see what people were up to. But, Sunday morning I pre-prepared a couple of Monday posts, and at night I really dove into organizing things. But, it was minimal and productive.

However, I finally decided that what I really needed was just one day a week as a “self-care” day. That for me, became Sunday, for a number of reasons. But, really, it was all about spending more time with my kids. That was good. So, going forward, I really need to just unplug at least one day a week.

So, I decided instead to do all my writing on Monday through Friday. Then, Saturday would be all about interaction on social media and organizing. Then, on Sunday, I completely unplug. I really need the break, and I feel a lot better mentally on Monday for doing so. I find with the Sunday rest I have far more focus and mental energy. 

Of course, nobody’s perfect, and sometimes, you just HAVE to do something even on Sunday. That’s OK, once in a while, but sticking to that true day of rest can really make a difference. Yes, I know some people have NO choice but to work on Sunday, especially when a bill is due. In those cases, that can’t be helped. But, if it’s not ABSOLUTELY necessary, you should always find at least one day a week to spend time with friends and family, read, and just enjoy life.

So, yeah, it’s OK to take the weekend off. And, yeah, sometimes you’ll slip up and do some work. But, as long as it’s productive and you get the recreation you need to stay focused and healthy, that’s OK!

I haven’t taken very many work breaks in the past few years. The lack of breaks has really taken its toll on my mental and creative energies. Lacking those has really torn me apart physically and spiritually, too. So, in order to get my work/life balance somewhat back in sync, this is what I had to do. The calendar may not always define what exact days of the week those are, but, it’s important to be flexible!

Yes, sometimes you can’t take the weekend off, whether it’s your job calls you in or you have some urgent client work to get done. And, that’s OK. But, breaks are important, and sometimes you have to make time for them! You’ll be better off for it. Believe it or not, being better rested really does make you more productive!

How do you take time to take a break? What are the best ways you’ve found for self-care?

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.

2 thoughts on “It’s OK to Take the Weekend Off

  1. Yes! Great read!

    When doing freelance work or being self-employed it is so essential to structure that Off Time into your schedule, as you say!

    My “break day” shifts each week, depending on my changing schedule, but I always take the time to plan one in… and if it doesn’t happen, then I try to remain flexible so I can move tasks around so I still get a chunk of “off” time, if not an entire day. 🙂

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