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Pawmi Scarlet and Violet Pokemon

At first glance, Pawmi would appear to be Scarlet and Violet’s token Electric Mouse Pokemon. Even in the Generation 9 pocket monster games, it seems that this is a trend that can’t help but continue. But, could Pawmi end up having an evolution with a secondary typing to make it stand out from Pokemon’s other Pikachu clones? For now, let’s just analyze Pawmi as it is and leave preconceptions and our wishes at the door, examining only the evidence given to us by the Pokemon Company themselves.

Like Smoliv, Pawmi is yet another Pokemon trained by your in-game friend Nemona, and is one of the first new Scarlet and Violet monsters you’ll encounter. Unlike Pikachu, whose electricity-discharging organs exist on its cheeks, Pawmi has similar organs in its forepaws. What’s particularly ironic to note is that the Pokemon Company’s profile on this Mouse Pokemon is that in order to generate the electricity in its forepaws, it first has to rub its cheeks. Its method of delivering its shocks, however, involves actually physically touching its opponents with the pads on its forepaws; this lore could be easily explained by Pawmi having the physical-attacking Electric move called Spark as part of its early moveset.

Secondly, the Pokemon Company also enlightens us to another small set of facts about Pawmi. Its thick fur that stores electricity also helps protect the Mouse Pokemon during the colder months in the Paldea region. Also, when it feels uneasy, it will rub its cheeks with its forepaws in order to prepare itself to discharge an electric shock. This sounds quite similar to Pikachu’s signature Thundershock attack from the very first generation of Pokemon, but suggests it could learn more powerful Special Attacking Electric moves such as Discharge.

The other two things we know about Pawmi have to do with its abilities. Pawmi you encounter can have one of two abilities: Static or Natural Cure. Both of these abilities have their uses in both competitive and adventure gameplay. The Static ability means Pawmi has a 30 percent chance of paralyzing an attacking Pokemon which makes contact with it. Paralysis is a very powerful status condition, which cuts the attacker’s speed in half with a 25 percent risk of being “fully paralyzed” and unable to move for a turn.

Natural Cure is Pawmi’s other potential ability, which means that as soon as Pawmi switches out, any status conditions on it are immediately healed. It also means that when the battle is finished, any status condition currently on it is also automatically healed. While this sounds like an extremely basic ability, it’s also one of the more strategically viable in competitive Pokemon. The other Pokemon who enjoy this ability include: Altaria, Blissey, Celebi, Chansey, Comfey, Corsola, Roselia, Roserade, Shaymin, Starmie, and Trevenant. Many of these are competitive Pokemon which use this ability to better absorb opposing status moves for their team.

In the main adventure of Scarlet and Violet, both Static and Natural Cure are welcome abilities. It’s likely that Pawmi will be a solid Electric-type Pokemon in the early game. If it has an evolution, that could go a long way towards figuring out its competitive viability. For now, it’s a solid early-game Pokemon, if a rather derivative design as a Pikachu clone.

Photo Credit: The Pokemon Company

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