Is Flamigo a Good Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

Color me surprised we never got a Flamingo Pokemon before, but now we finally have one in Flamigo. It’s honestly a simple, but clean design. Also, it’s a Flying/Fighting type like Hawlucha and Galarian Zapdos, which already makes it interesting.

Flamigo has a couple of really good abilities. First is Scrappy, meaning Flamigo’s Fighting and Normal type moves can hit Ghost types. There are a ton of Ghost type Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet, so this is actually a very handy ability.

Tangled Feet is an ability you don’t that often in competitive play; when this Pokemon is confused, all moves used against it have their accuracy cut in half. As neat as this sounds, it’s very niche and requires you to some how have a way to proc the confusion. Also, it’s not some thing you can really take advantage of offensively, outside of perhaps in doubles where you can use Swagger on Flamigo and raise its attack at the cost of confusing it and doubling its evasion.

The best ability on Flamigo is Costar, but unfortunately it’s only good in double battles. This is a new ability that copies that stat changes of an ally when it comes into play. So, this can be good if your ally Pokemon is boosted, but if it’s somehow had it stats decreased, then it gets the same debuffs, as well. So, Scrappy is going to be the better ability, for sure, outside of doubles.

Flamigo has a fairly basic move pool for a Fighting/Flying Pokemon. It does have Roost for recovery and Detect for protection. Its best two level up moves are Throat Chop and Brave Bird. By TM, it can also learn Swords Dance or Bulk Up. So, it’s a pretty straightforward Pokemon to train for your team, although Protect by TM is simply better than Detect thanks to the latter only having 5 base Power Points.

The issue really comes down to its base stats. While a base stat total of 500 is perfectly fine, most of that goes to Flamigo’s strong 115 Attack and 90 Speed. Its defenses are pretty subpar: 82 HP, 74 Defense, and 64 Special Defense.

A moveset of Swords Dance, Roost, Brave Bird, and Throat Chop seems like a good offensive play. It might seem best to go with an Adamant nature, maxing out on Attack while pulling from its mediocre Special Attack stat. But, again, 90 base Speed in Generation 9 is going to be outsped by a lot. You’ll likely need a Jolly nature (plus Speed, minus Special Attack) for Flamigo to hang in competitive Pokemon, though. In doubles, though, Flamigo has some interesting utility options, including Tailwind and Wide Guard. It’s probably not going to be unusual to see a Flamigo running three of Tailwind, Wide Guard, Protect, and Roost, plus either Brave Bird or Throat Chop. It can also learn Close Combat by TM.

Because it needs whatever speed it can get, unfortunately it may mean Flamigo requires a Choice Scarf to outspeed relevant checks and counters. This means no Swords Dance or Roost, going all in with four attacks. Fortunately a Choice Scarf set is doable, as Flamigo does learn U-Turn as a pivot move to switch into something else. Flamigo also learns Liquidation, thanks to being a flamingo, I suppose. So a Choice Scarf set of Close Combat, Brave Bird, Liquidation, and U-Turn could be decent.

While I’m more of an offensive minded player, who likely will lean into a Choice Scarf set, there are definitely some options for Flamigo that I may consider when it comes to Battle Stadium or Pokemon Showdown competitive team building. There’s a mid-range option that plays Swords Dance and Brave Bird for offense, plus Roost for recovery, and the fourth move being one of the utility moves already mentioned. Essentially, Flamigo can serve either a utility, physical sweeper, or mid-range role for many different battle teams.

Any Pokemon that gives you flexibility and pivoting options is going to be worth a look both in-game and for competitive battles. Plus, Flamigo gives you a potential way to hit Ghosts with strong Fighting type moves thanks to the Scrappy ability. In game, of course, you won’t need to have a Choice Scarf, as Flamigo will outspeed enough of your story mode trainer’s Pokemon often enough to be good.

What do you think of Flamigo? I think this is a perfectly good Pokemon with some nice coverage (Liquidation) and utility options (Roost, Tailwind, Wide Guard) to be a competitive Pokemon. It shouldn’t be high tier or anything, but I like this Pokemon a lot.

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