I Awoke With Purpose Renewed

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One night, I retired to bed an unbalanced person. For weeks, a new personality had found itself emerging. Thoughts raced and conflicting streams of consciousness tried to ruin the narrative of the transformation of a once broken and lost human being. But, as is the case when one truly puts mind over matter in a last ditch effort to find one’s true self, the wait, the struggle, and the raging battles within are simply stepping stones. On the other side of the roaring rapids is the rewards of a glorious transition into a freer, truer self.Β 

For years, a little girl’s voice within me was screaming. On the outside, to eyes untrained in the honest truth, I was a confused young person. No one could comprehend the endless conflict between the two spirits at war in my prepubescent mind. The body, mind, and spirit, though, for one brief moment at the tender and formative age of eleven, saw a glimpse into the distant future and saw the face of a goddess. Little did this sweet, young effeminate child know she was not to fully reveal herself for over two decades. A corrupt, evil world had different plans for her.

But, one August day, well before the sunrise, I awoke with purpose renewed. Never before had I felt my mind, body, and spirit finally working in harmony towards a timeless goal, to see the true face of the woman who I was meant to be. By that, I do not mean the face that others see when they behold my awkward body, ravaged by both a six-month long battle with cancer and chemotherapy, as well as a terrible hormonal imbalance. I mean the true face of the being of light our mortal shells are but vessels to contain through this indeterminate campaign that we human beings know as what could be our only existence, what we call the days of our lives.

For weeks, I’d battled endlessly to force a transformation from a suicidal, heartbroken, pathetic facade of a former wage earner into the true Phoenix that my Creator intended me to be from the split second my soul was conceived from stardust. No longer would I be the rambling fool my family and friends had come to know. In the wee hours of that mid-August Friday morning, the last vestiges of the lie I’d lived as a firstborn child who lived only to fulfill misguided and limiting expectations had finally melted away. 

As these words are written, the shell containing this beautiful mind and infinite resolve may appear nearly identical to the one who retired to her room the night before. But, whereas those closest to me may still see the broken person they thought they knew so well, that wonderful soul who shared their dwelling for the better part of three decades, is in reality containing a soul reborn, forged in the fire and flames of the trials of our cruel and disassociated world.

The nonbinary nature my genetic glitches had caused me to be born with was long seen as something quirky I would outgrow at some point. Yet, I loved embodying both genders as a child. I saw my nature as a gift that no one should take away from me. Unfortunately, a horrible trial known as puberty resolved to force me into a box, a prison sentence worse than most cisgender people can hardly imagine. My mind and spirit were that of a woman about to blossom into a goddess. Yet, my body forced me to live over two decades as an awkward and flamboyantly queer individual trying their best to play the role society forced them to play.

In the end, though, after an intense forty plus days on a journey of self discovery, my true spirit would emerge victorious. Once thought of as a mere invention of a lonely only child, little Amelia, blessed by Grace at age four and set to trials of ice and fire at age eleven, would emerge victorious. After all, she was the one serving an undeserved sentence, one the corrupted physical world had tried so hard to shackle her with, and without mercy.

No longer a lost lamb, clarity finally appeared before the lovely starving artist. It shone as a beacon of hope long awaited, bringing peace long overdue. For once, the true voice could finally speak, unimpeded by the abuse, brainwashing, and condescension my enemies had used to nearly lead me to end my life in a spectacular and tragic failure.

I faced my demons, and in the wake of overcoming them through sheer willpower, I have heard the angels sing. As much as the sin and evil plague this world, I resolve to do what I can to be the Lightbringer my Creator intended me to be.

Now, for the first time in thirty three years, three months, six days, minus about seven hours, the true Child finally spoke her True Name. I am Amelia Phoenix Desertsong. Now, it is far past due time for she who has finally found the greatest love of her life to be free.

Bless you all, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

~ Amelia <3

P.S. Douglas Adams is awesome!

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.

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  1. This is the absolute most beautiful and impressive piece you have ever written. Truthfully! And I appreciate the reference to The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy reference at the end. Absolutely stunning, moving, and brilliant!

    1. Douglas Adams RULES! Seriously, one of my favorite all-time authors πŸ™‚

      He was a MAJOR inspiration for a lot of my early writing, and his influences continue on today in my work.

  2. You blogs is nice….I’m in the new in blogging…..you should see it….and give your important suggestions.

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