How to Write Blog Posts Effectively Through Storytelling

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Effective blogging is best done through storytelling. By creating content that tells your story, you can better connect with your target audience. Hopefully, your stories will be relatable and turn readers into future loyal fans of both your blog and your business.

Telling your story sounds like something that an “about” page on your website can do, right? An effective blog should always be telling a story. So, how do you write blog posts effectively through storytelling?

Storytelling in blogging is about telling stories on an individual level. This means writing about situations that you have dealt with personally, either professionally or privately. Maybe there was a client or friend that you went above and beyond for on certain occasions. Those stories are certainly topics for blog posts.

However, the best sort of blog uses storytelling showing solutions to problems. By sharing how you were able to help solve a problem, you give reason for your readers to admire and respect your skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Effective Blogging Means Providing Solutions to Your Readers

People search online for solutions to their problems. If you have a story, no matter how simple and commonplace it may seem, write about it. If it answers a common question your audience tends to have, it can be valuable content. 

Telling relatable stories not only makes you look human, but also helps establish you as a thought leader in your field. Show that you know how to solve problems. That’s a big first step in thought leadership.

So, what if there is a problem that someone came to you with that you weren’t able to solve at the time? Well, did you later resolve the same problem or a similar problem? Writing about that learning experience can help you better serve others. Show that you’re learning and growing just like anyone else.

If you admit you had to step back and learn something to better help people in the future, it shows your audience your willingness to grow. It’s good to show how you consistently improve the quality of your work. Remember, it’s okay to fail sometimes. As long as you show that you keep learning and are always working towards a solution, people will resonate better with your content.

~ Amelia <3

Amelia Desertsong is a former content marketing specialist turned essayist and creative nonfiction author. She writes articles on many niche hobbies and obscure curiosities, pretty much whatever tickles her fancy.

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  1. I absolutely agree with you! storytelling helps to catch your readers intention and makes the blog post easy to read 😉

    1. Yes, indeed! When I first started writing professionally online, I tended to be more informational and cut & dry, until I found that telling a story was really the way to keep people interested. It’s a mistake I still see a lot of bloggers make, which is why I wrote this piece 🙂

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