How to Overcome the Power of Distraction in Our Daily Lives

The power of distraction in our daily lives  is quite incredible. More types of media vie for our attention seemingly every day. Now, the possibility of distraction from what we should actually be doing is growing rapidly.

More than ever, our attention spans are shrinking to the point where we can find ourselves jumping from one distraction to another. It’s annoying to have so many possible distractions. Plus, it can be quite draining.

We also get a lot of distractions in the form of notifications from our cell phones, updates on Facebook, and new emails. It’s also easy to get lost in Instagram or Pinterest. I’ve gotten wrapped up in these things for hours on end far too often. 

While we may try to multitask, watching TV or listening to music or a podcast while we try to do something else, our minds wander. We end up focusing on what’s supposed to be in the background instead of on what we were trying to do. So, how do we downplay the power of distractions in our lives?

Use Your Distractions as Learning Experiences

One way to try keeping distractions from draining us is to use each unnecessary distraction as a learning experience. It’s not so much learning simply not to be distracted. It’s recognizing what our greatest distractions are and understanding why they affect us so greatly.

Some distractions can actually enrich our lives and offer much needed diversion from our crazy daily lives. It’s just important to not let such diversions rule our lives. So, we must reflect on them. Do they expand our knowledge of something? Do they enrich our appreciation for nature and the simpler things in life? If we have distractions that don’t do either of these things then they are purely empty fun. 

Yes, we do need some mindless fun from time to time, especially when life has been overly stressful or monotonous. Occasional breaks from routines are important. But, try your best to make a learning experience from as many distractions as you can. We tend to see our own lives as boring and uninteresting far too much of the time. It’s about time we change that.

Distractions can be extremely good for you. But, sometimes you just have to put yourself in a place where nothing can distract you. It’s important to understand the difference between a distraction and a diversion. Diversions are something that you do intentionally. Distractions are most often something that you don’t intend to grab your attention. But, I’ve often found that diversions can become distractions. So, be mindful of what they are, and you will find yourself a lot more successful.

What are some of your favorite diversions?

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.

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  1. It is my personal belief that chaos comes from being constantly overwhelmed with information. It is inescapable, especially when one considers that there is advertising everywhere one looks. I’m reminded of a trip I took to Russia in 1990. During the communist regime, there was absolutely no advertising anywhere, so if one walked down a street, there would be signage on storefronts, but no advertising of any kind. It was a very harsh contrast between what I was accustomed to experiencing back home in the United States. However, such overload is an excellent catalyst for creativity; speaking of which, is it theoretically conceivable that our creativity is a direct derivative of what we experience in life? Are our ideas and imagination nothing more than an adaptive mashup of that which we have already seen?

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