How to Blog Effectively: Let it Come Naturally

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“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers.” – Isaac Asimov

Have you ever found yourself not sure what to write for your blog? There may be days when you sit by yourself and brainstorm a few things that you’ll probably write about later. Likely you won’t use everything that you wrote. But, you may find something that you were thinking about could make a useful blog post.

More often than not, it’s likely that you find yourself uninspired by your notes. Other times, you won’t have any notes to go off of at all for blog ideas. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to make sure that you always have something to write about. A lot of it is just letting your blog post topics come naturally.

How Do You Let Blog Posts Come Naturally?

Consider this simple exercise. Towards the end of your day, jot down some of the challenges you faced during the day. Then, tell how you succeeded in solving them. You’d be surprised how little solutions can make for a short, but sweet post that your audience would find interesting. 

Showing dedication to the little things is pretty important to people. It makes you more human to those that read your blog. Blogging effectively involves connecting with your audience on an emotional level. You want people to be delighted by what they read. Let them be able to connect to these “little things” sorts of posts. 

Over time, the little things add up. Before you know it, you can have a vibrant and interesting blog. Not every blog post is going to be a hit. But, just three or four little successes can go a long way.

Should I Write About Challenges I Haven’t Solved?

What about the challenges you haven’t solved? Are you still working towards solutions? Take note of these situations. Once you do find a solution, you may find that how you got to that point could make for an interesting story.

Being natural is paramount to blogging effectively. In any case, be as positive as you can, even when dealing with potentially difficult topics. Keep a bright outlook on things. Your blog readers will thank you for it. 

Of course, be as positive and helpful as possible. But, don’t be afraid to admit mistakes, especially if you found a great solution. It’s likely your readers have experienced similar problems. Whatever you do, draw attention to the solutions to the challenge.

How Do I Get Readers to Emotionally Connect to My Blog Posts?

People love success stories. That’s because most people are inspired by watching others succeed in overcoming difficulties and challenges.Let your successes, challenges, and solutions flow naturally throughout your blog posts.

If you’re ever stuck for a blog topic, just brainstorm and let the ideas come naturally. Don’t self-edit until you’re actually about to write the post. Just let the events of each day unfold in your mind. Recount what struggles and successes you had and the little (or big) victories of the day. At the very least, you’ll allow yourself to put things in perspective.

You might be surprised with what you find even from little victories. What seems little to you may be worth sharing to someone else. Even when you think you have dull, uninteresting days, you can still write a blog post to inspire both yourself and everyone who reads your blog.

What interesting stories do you have to tell about your work? You may have more blog post topics already than you think!

~ Amelia <3

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