How to Beat Writer’s Block with an Article Writing Template

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There are many tricks writers use to defeat writer’s block. Of course, some are better than others. There’s one tip I found that one article writer actually called “the ultimate secret for overcoming writer’s block.” Whether you’re an article writer for hire or just working on some blog posts for fun, it can help to try working from a template for writing an article.

How Can Working from an Article Writing Template Beat Writer’s Block?

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? There are lots of article writing templates out there. Some work better than others for particular writing styles. What these templates have in common is giving you a baseline to work from on whatever topic you’re trying to write about.

Writing templates are very, very popular, and you can find templates for just about any type of writing anywhere. You can find plenty of them for free, too. People even have created writing templates for short stories and even complete novels and nonfiction books! Just try to use the template as a baseline, though, and don’t simply blindly follow it. After all, you do want to make your writing your own – but as a way to beat writer’s block, it’s hard to beat a good template.

You could even create your own article writing template. It might be based off of something you’ve worked on before that’s similar to what you’re trying to write. It doesn’t even have to be something you’ve actually published. The template could be the outline of an article that got lots of page-views, received many social shares, or that was great at converting visitors into email subscribers, etc.

Can I Use a Writing Example to Help With Writing Articles?

Let’s say you can’t find a writing template that fits the type of article writing you’re trying to do. One alternative is to use an existing article on a similar subject as a sort of template. What’s nice about this strategy is that you can apply this exercise to any type of writing, not just article writing.

For example, say you’re trying to write a sales pitch. But, you really don’t know where to start or what points to make. Just by having a sales pitch in front of you, even if it’s something you haven’t even written, your mind will automatically begin to process it.

If you ask some famous writers, they will even admit that they’ve written pieces that were inspired by a magazine clipping or random brochure that they picked up. The idea is to give your brain something to start with, which is very important when you are trying to create something new.

Keep Your Writing Template or Example in Sight When Writing an Article

Whatever you decide to use as a writer’s block aid, whether it’s an example or a writing template, the most effective way to use it is to have it in your direct line of sight as you work. Print it out if you have to, although having it open on your screen in another window is also useful. The idea is to use that visual aid to help spark your brain to create ideas surrounding that template.

Of course, you may have to go back and clean up whatever you initially write using a writing template. But, it’s always better to start with something. Find a good example or template each time you get stuck with your article writing and watch the words flow!

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