How Many Followers Do You REALLY Need? – The Struggle with Stats

amelia phoenix desertsong

As content creators, we can become UBER obsessed with the stats of our websites and social media feeds. No matter what we post online, we want it to not only be seen, but loved and shared.

Sure, statistics are important, allowing us to measure the effective reach of our lovely content. 

In this short article series about stats, I’ll be sharing my feelings on various measures of engagement. Previously, we talked about how views aren’t everything. Today, we will be discussing followers. 

Followers / Subscribers Are Amazing, But Take Quality Over Quantity

To me, the only followers I personally care about are Twitter followers, Pinterest followers, Instagram followers, WordPress followers, and email subscribers. But, there are plenty of places to gain a following or subscribers. Anywhere else I get them is gravy to me. However, the most important place for you to focus on is wherever you find the most success.

Not every network works for everyone. Google Plus, for example, did nothing for me – and of course, now it’s gone. (I haven’t really gotten to the new Google Keen, yet.) My advice is to focus where you do best and stick with it. 

You can share your links anywhere, but don’t get burnt out trying to be a rockstar on every platform. There are only so many hours in a day. So, spend them wisely where you actually get new followers or subscribers. These are the growth opportunities to invest in daily.

What Followers Really Mean to Me

I do follow back everyone who follows me on WordPress (unless it’s a clear spam account, that is.) On Twitter, I also tend to follow back accounts that appear to be genuine regulars to the platform. Otherwise, I end up following too many people and get overwhelmed with clearing out my list. I will also utilize Twitter lists to keep track of accounts that likely wouldn’t follow me back anyway, while being able to keep up with them.

On Instagram and Pinterest, I tend to simply follow anyone back. Of course, there are exceptions where people are posting adult content or highly questionable (or even hateful) content. These accounts usually do not last for long, especially after I report them!

The scourge of the internet is the followers who follow, then unfollow once you have followed them. Follow for follow threads aren’t always genuine. I follow back those who I feel deserve it and that I genuinely want to support. If I get a feeling it’s to simply “growth hack,” then I usually don’t follow back.

However, many followers and subscribers are genuine and actually are lending their support. To me, followers are a lot more important than views, especially when I notice my views going up as I gain followers. Views that come from actual followers mean a lot more to me than random pageviews from who knows where.

Of course, the best thing to do now with social media is to engage as often as you can with those you relate to most. These are the people who will likely be happy to help you grow as you help them to do the same. After all, it is called social media, so let’s all shine together and share our sparkling, beautiful content!

Peace, y’all!

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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