How Good is Gholdengo in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Gimmighoul may be one of the most annoying Pokemon to evolve in Scarlet and Violet, but its evolution into Gholdengo is well worth hunting down 999 Gimmighoul Coins! Gholdengo is a Ghost/Steel type, a typing shared by only the once incredibly broken Aegislash. That typing’s pedigree already taken into account, Gholdengo also has an amazing unique ability and a great signature move.

Gholdengo’s ability is called Good as Gold, meaning that he can’t be affected by status moves, except those which target itself. Plus, being Ghost type, he’s become the go-to defensive switch-in for Pokemon Showdown players to block opponent’s Defogs, Rapid Spins, Spores, and more. This ability alone makes Gholdengo one of the best Pokemon of all time, and there’s even more to like about it.

The signature move for Gholdengo is Make it Rain, a 120 base power Steel-type attack that literally rains coins down. It does lower the user’s Special Attack stat by one stage, but that’s well worth the price. Also, it can hit both opponents in a double battle. To help reduce the effect of this special attack debuff, Gholdengo will often run Nasty Plot, as it will also run Shadow Ball as its Ghost-type STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) move.

Its fourth move is a toss-up between Trick, Focus Blast, and Thunderbolt. Trick is usually preferred in order to swap a Choice Scarf onto an opponent to lock it into an undesirable move and likely force a switch. That Pokemon retains the Choice Scarf for the remainder of the battle, likely greatly reducing that Pokemon’s effectiveness. Focus Blast is great as a Fighting-type coverage move, and some Gholdengo will even have a Fighting Tera type to give this move a 50 percent damage bonus while also gaining the defensive benefits of that type. Thunderbolt is mostly just to check problem Water type Pokemon.

Ghost/Steel is a decent defensive type, too. While it has four weaknesses in Fire, Ground, Ghost, and Dark, this dual typing has nine resistances. It takes half damage from Grass, Ice, Flying, Rock, Dragon, Steel, and Fairy type moves, takes one-quarter damage from bug types, and is immune to Normal, Fighting, and Poison moves. The Fighting Tera Type does drop a lot of these resistances and immunities, but helps cover all four of its weaknesses. Going all in on Steel drops the Dark and Ghost weaknesses and gives Gholdengo many more resistances: a whopping ten in all. So, Gholdengo definitely benefits from the Terastalizing mechanic.

It should come as no surprise that after just over a week of Scarlet and Violet being live, Gholdengo was the second most used mon in Pokemon Showdown’s Gen 9 OU format. While it’s nowhere as used in doubles, it’s still in the top 25 used there, too. This is a very powerful Pokemon, which considering the massive investment necessary to acquire one in-game, it somewhat needed to be. Fortunately, unlike many of the Pokemon already banned in the format, it doesn’t seem like Gholdengo is actually OP in a way that will warp the entire metagame; it’s just one of the best Pokemon from Generation 9.

What do you think of Gholdengo? Do you think it’s worth the massive time suck of hunting down coins in game to acquire?

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