How Good is Chi-Yu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Chi-Yu Pokemon

Chi-Yu is one of the Chinese inspired legendaries in Scarlet and Violet. This one is Dark and Fire and early on proved itself to be the second most popular of its Legendary cycle in Pokemon Showdown’s Gen 9 OU format. While it might not look like much on the surface, this little guy packs quite a punch on the special side of the coin and is just fast enough to be an unsuspecting little sweeper.

Despite its very low 55 base HP stat, Chi-Yu has good enough defenses with 80 physical Defense and a very solid 120 Special Defense. Due to its dual typing, Chi-Yu has four weaknesses: Water, Fighting, Ground, and Rock. Only one of these it gets from its Dark typing, which is Fighting. This is partly why Dark is the most common Tera Type for Chi-Yu, as it actually improves its defensive matchups slightly, only gaining a Bug and Fairy type weakness when it Terastalizes, while also boosting its main Dark-type move in Dark Pulse by an additional 50 percent.

Defensively as is, though, Chi-Yu enjoys six resistances in Fire, Grass, Ice, Ghost, Dark, and Steel, plus an immunity to Psychic thanks to its Dark typing. So, while it may not have a lot of hit points, special moves from any of those types aren’t going to OHKO this Ruinous Pokemon very often. Speaking of Ruin, this Ruinous Pokemon has the ability Beads of Ruin, which lowers the Special Defense of all Pokemon in play other than itself. This allows it to take advantage of its already superb 135 Special Attack stat, essentially boosting itself by plus one stage whenever it’s out.

According to the Gen 9 OU Pikalytics, Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Overheat, Psychic are Chi-Yu’s most common moves. It may appear odd to have two Fire-type attacks, but you have Overheat when you need that extra bit of damage that Flamethrower can’t provide you. The two stage Special Attack drop is unfortunate, but you can always switch out to reset that. With other Pokemon already minus one stage of Special Defense, Overheat can KO quite a few Pokemon, even those who resist it. Fire Blast serves a similar purpose without the Special Attack drop, but is only 70 percent accurate.

Other possibilities include skipping out on the second Fire type attack for a boosting move in Nasty Plot or a Tera Blast with a Grass Tera Type if you need the coverage. Most trainers will just go with the Dark Tera Type, though, as it’s good on both offense and defense, although the Fire Tera Type does allow Flamethrower to hit almost as hard as Fire Blast without the accuracy drawback. There are definitely options for Chi-Yu, and it depends on your team strategy, type coverage, and play style.

Overall, Chi-Yu is easily one of the top 10 competitive Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet’s early metagame. It may even hold up once some of the titans from Generation 8 swoop in with Pokemon HOME connectivity in the Spring. Good typing, great stats, and a solid enough move pool gives Chi-Yu a strong chance to be one of the best Pokemon of Generation 9.

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