Hannaford Supermarket, Caribou, Maine (April 2023)

Hannaford supermarket Caribou Maine

I had never been to Caribou, Maine. So, when Thomas and I were traveling Route 1 in Maine, I figured, why not check it out? As it happens, there isn’t much to see there. The downtown is mostly abandoned, and perhaps more active when summertime comes, but all the action takes place in the nearby college town of Presque Isle.

However, this Hannaford, old as it looks, is a well-organized, if oddly structured, store inside. Tom and I got a few snacks here, including vegan and real beef jerky, gummy bears, and rice cakes. It was also our pit stop before making our way down to Calais, the real destination intended as the crux of our trip. Sadly, this supermarket is the highlight of the entire town for me; there’s not much doing here, outside of the Burger Boy joint just outside of town, which has a neat sign which I also photographed, but is only open from mid-April to some time in the fall.

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