Grow From the Ashes – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

At first glance, Grow From the Ashes looks like a worse version of the popular ramp spells Rampant Growth and Cultivate. This observation is partly right. But, there is a difference that makes this common sorcery card from Magic the Gathering’s Dominaria set slightly better than it first appears.

grow from the ashes magic the gathering card

Rampant Growth lets you put one basic land into play from your library into play tapped for two mana (1G). Cultivate lets you search out two basic land cards and put them into play tapped for three mana (2G). These are solid mana ramp cards, and see play in many different decks, especially in Commander.

Grow From the Ashes lets you find a basic land card from your deck and put it into play for three mana (2G). But, there’s a key difference. That land doesn’t come into play tapped. And, by paying an additional two colorless mana for its kicker, you get to play two basic lands untapped. While it’s a bit more expensive than those classic mana ramp sorceries, Grow From the Ashes actually is slightly better when it comes to overall functionality.

In Standard, Grow From the Ashes has seen play here and there, especially in Bant Control decks as a way to ramp into the planeswalker Teferi, Hero of Dominaria. But Commander is where this card really shines, enjoying early adoption alongside Dominaria Legendary Creatures in the format. Hallar, the Firefletcher, Tatyova, Benthic Druid, and Slimefoot, the Stowaway have all reaped benefits from Grow From the Ashes.

Grow From the Ashes is a common card that Commander players everywhere are going to want long-term. While Rampant Growth and Cultivate will remain staples in the format, redundancy is important in Commander. So, Grow From the Ashes could form a solid triumvirate with those other two classic ramp spells in Commander deck-building.

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