From Sunrise to Sundown

silhouette of tree near body of water during golden hour

From sunrise to sundown, the light touches each of us a bit differently every day. Some days it seems to fail in touching you much at all. Rest assured, though, you will always find a ray of sunshine if you know to look for it. Even if you miss it during the day, there’s always a glimmer or two of starlight in the pale moonlight to set you straight. 

On my better days, when the golden orb of dawn crests the horizon, Sol paints the sky in hues of fiery orange and blushing pink. I feel the gentle caress of His first rays upon my face, and like a lover’s tender touch, they awaken my senses, coaxing my soul to breathe life into the day. I begin to stir, slowly finding the strength in my muscles to rise and begin my routine. Each morning, Sol’s arrival arrives much like a delicate symphony of color and light which sets the stage for the day’s unfolding narrative.

Yet, there are days when we fail to be graced by our Sun’s benevolent touch. Some days, sullen skies and brooding clouds shroud the world in a cloak of gray, as if the heavens themselves are weeping for the happenings on earth below. On these days, the sun’s touch is but a fleeting whisper, an elusive ghost whose ethereal fingers fail to leave an imprint upon our souls.

Worry not, my readers, for within the murky depths of our hearts, there lies a hidden trove of sunshine, just waiting to be discovered. Like a shipwrecked sailor, adrift on a sea of despair, I cast my gaze outwards in search of that elusive glint of light on my darkest day. With every breath, I seek out the Sun’s gentle touch to guide me on my journey through life’s stormy seas.

Lo and behold, eventually I will find that ray of sunshine, peeking through the veil of clouds like a shy child peering out from behind a curtain. This single beam of light is a pleasant reminder to me that hope is never truly lost; there is always a glimmer of brightness to be found wherever we might be. It’s in these moments of quiet revelation that we rediscover our own strength, our resilience, and our indomitable spirit.

As each day wanes and twilight descends upon the land, our Sun bows low in the sky, His warmth gradually fading into the shadows. Yet, even as the darkness encroaches, there’s a glimmer of solace to be found in the celestial dance of the stars. Each twinkle and each shimmer are whispered promises that the Sun shall rise once more, and the cycle of light and dark shall continue in harmonious balance.

Basking in Luna’s silvery glow, I find contentment in the quiet beauty of the night. Like a sprinkling of cosmic diamonds, the stars serve as gentle reminders that even in the absence of the Sun’s touch, there is a light that can guide us, a beacon of hope to set us straight on our path through the darkness.

From sunrise to sundown, there’s a constant seesaw battle between shadow and brilliance that echoes the rhythm of our own lives. In the midst of life’s ebbs and flows, we must always take a moment to rediscover the strength to carry on, the courage to face whatever challenges today may bring, and the wisdom to find beauty in even the smallest glimmers of light.

Amelia Desertsong is a former content marketing specialist turned essayist and creative nonfiction author. She writes articles on many niche hobbies and obscure curiosities, pretty much whatever tickles her fancy.
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