Foucault’s Cannon – A YuGiOh Card Review

Foucault’s Cannon is a Normal Pendulum Monster from the Duelist Alliance expansion set for the YuGiOh Trading Card Game. This is a Level 5, DARK-attribute Spellcaster-type monster, meaning it also requires a Tribute to be Normal Summoned. While 2200 ATK isn’t great for a Level 5 Monster, it’s at least respectable. It was one of the first of a few Normal Monsters with Pendulum effects released, along with Flash Knight and Dragon Horn Hunter.

During the End phase that this card is played in a Pendulum zone, you can target one face-up Spell/Trap Card on the field and destroy it. This, of course, includes other Pendulum Monsters. When this card was released, there were also tons of relevant face-up Spell and Trap cards in play in the metagame. Overall, this is a fairly good effect.

With Spellcasters a fairly viable archetype all of their own, it seemed this monster might have some potential. But, as more ARC-V sets were released, it quickly became outclassed. Still, in a vacuum, this isn’t a bad monster at all. Spell & Trap destruction is certainly very splash-able and Pendulum Normal Monsters certainly would get better and better. Foucault’s Cannon also has a Pendulum Scale of 2, making it a great lower-end scale in a Pendulum-heavy deck.

Due to seeing basically zero competitive play, it’s a very inexpensive super rare card. Still, it’s worth looking at for its place in the early history of Pendulum monsters. It’s certainly not the worst Pendulum monster out there.

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