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Forlorn Pseudamma

“More children taken. This is an evil we will track without mercy.” – Anthousa of Setessa

Forlorn Pseudamma is one of many cards from Magic the Gathering’s Born of the Gods set that features the Inspired mechanic. Inspired is a neat little ability that gives creatures with it a special effect whenever they untap. Some Inspired creatures turned out to be playable cards, and some others were good in Limited events such as draft and sealed deck. The Pseudamma has a decent ability, but is it just too slow to activate and put on too fragile of a creature to be good?

The Inspired ability allows Forlorn Pseudamma to create a 2/2 Black Zombie enchantment creature token.  But, you have to pay three mana (2 generic, 1 Black) each time it untaps to get a single 2/2 token. In draft and sealed deck, this is decent. However, even if you have other Enchantment synergies in your deck, this is a pretty slow way to generate Zombie tokens.

Another drawback to this creature is its brittle body, a mere 2/1 for four total mana. On the plus side, it does have Intimidate, so it can only be blocked by other Black or artifact creatures.  This is good, as having Intimidate will allow this creature to attack often enough to make the Inspired ability relevant.

Unfortunately, even in Limited, a one toughness creature probably won’t last all that long. It’s certainly too fragile for most Constructed formats.. Zombie Commander decks don’t really want it, either, as it’s not efficient. Even being an Enchantment Creature, there isn’t really any way to abuse this untap ability.

If you can make the untap ability cheaper, it does become a bit more playable. Training Grounds from Rise of the Eldrazi makes activated abilities cost 2 mana less. That allows you to make a 2/2 Zombie for only a single Black mana. 

While that sounds really good on paper, you still have to untap the Pseudamma to get the effect in the first place. A deck using Training Grounds probably isn’t looking to play the Pseudamma, as there are far more powerful abilities than this to abuse at a lower cost.

Unfortunately for Forlorn Pseudamma, there are just far more efficient and reliable ways to get Zombie tokens. Because of that fact, this Zombie likely sits languishing in bulk boxes for the rest of its life. It had its chance during the Theros block, but unlike some of its other Inspired brethren, her ability just wasn’t quite up to par to be much use to anyone.

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